Implementing Sales Enablement Will Help Grow Your Business


What Sales Enablement Can Do for Your Business

A sales enablement program will help your organization because it can provide training that is uniquely tailored to the needs of each individual. For example, they may be able to learn a new way of approaching an account and close deals more easily.  The ability for a salesman to quote and explain their product quickly can make all the difference between an average sale and one with higher profit margins as well as fewer customer complaints about misleading information.

Marketing and Sales Working Together

Sales enablement is a relatively new field that can help bridge the gap between sales and marketing. Sales managers are often overwhelmed by their inability to close deals, while marketers struggle with finding qualified leads for campaigns. This course of action will show you how these two departments can work together more effectively.

Use a CRM to Make Life Easier

Do your customers buy without hesitation? If not then it's time take some cues from modern digital technology platforms such as a CRM like HubSpot. Using this software flips traditional business models upside down where instead of having all agents working in silos trying to find prospects; everyone works toward one goal: closing deals!

Sales Meeting

Putting In Place A Sales Enablement Plan

Provide a Central Place To Store Deal, Account, and Contact Information

Don't let your sales team waste their time. Save them the hassle of tracking down customer data and contact information by using a CRM platform like Hubspot to automatically collect those details in one place! You'll be able to provide all your salespeople with a single source of truth containing every piece of information they need, no matter the stage in their contact cycle. The most valuable time for any salesman is when he's face-to-face or on the phone talking directly with prospects and customers; it pays off big by being prepared before these engagements take place!

Working Together, Communicating, and Providing Feedback

Marketing teams are becoming more connected with sales. A successful strategy is created when marketing works alongside the sales team as a whole - not only one department over another. Marketing needs to collaborate proactively with their counterparts on all levels of communication from emailing new company updates or product releases through posting them online so that they reach out personally using social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook where people might be most interested in what your business has to offer." 

To Ensure Success, Give Salespeople The Tools They Need (and Want).

If you give them content which supports their conversations and makes it easier for them to win deals, then they will want to use this too! But there is always the risk of reps using outdated materials; data can change quickly and links often require updating as well as branding guidelines being altered. A sales enablement tool like Hubspot updates these items automatically according to your schedule so nobody has to worry about being behind. Even if people are from different departments or locations, they can still work together smoothly. 

Provide Easy Access to Sales Collateral

Marketers often spend hours of time making eye-catching and relevant pieces of content to use in the field. But it can be hard for salespeople, especially if they are getting back to the office or working remotely, finding that content among disparate sources. Successful enablement requires intuitive content that finds reps where they are not vice versa! 

Provide Education and Training

Many salespeople are not using the best tools available to them. They need training on how and why they should be using these technologies in order for their efforts to make a difference. It is important that all employees go through some measure of orientation, so as new developments arise within this industry, every individual will have been trained properly

Sales Projections


  • Provide a central place to store deal, account, and contact information. Working together on deals is an important part of the sales process for many businesses.
  • Give your salespeople access to all their customer data in one spot so they can stay better informed about what’s going on with each customer.
  • Communicating internally helps people feel like their ideas are valued and heard--which makes them more likely to provide feedback (good or bad).
  • To ensure success give salespeople the tools they need (and want) including easy access to relevant marketing collateral, education and training opportunities that keep skills up-to-date.

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All the changes in technology and ever-changing customer needs make it hard for sales teams to identify the right routes to take. With a strong strategic plan for how your team can use new digital channels to engage customers, you can see an increase in both volume of leads generated as well as revenue generated from those leads. If you want help optimizing your current CRM solutions, reach out today for a consultation!

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Implementing Sales Enablement Strategies: Why?

As a CEO, owner, and entrepreneur, you are often pulled in many different directions. You have to juggle the needs of your employees with those of your customers. And it's not just about making sales; you also need to make sure that people can do their jobs efficiently and effectively. That is why sales enablement is such an important part of any company’s success: it helps ensure that every employee has the tools they need to be successful at work.