HubSpot Sales Hub Named #1 CRM in G2’s Spring 2022 CRM Grid


HubSpot is one of the most popular CRM platforms on the market today -- and for good reason! It combines an intuitive, user-friendly interface with robust automation functionalities; and this one-two punch has helped thousands of businesses to grow their online presence, expand their consumer base, and even penetrate new markets. With that in mind, it's no surprise that HubSpot has won its fair share of awards within the sales and marketing automation industry. Recently, they announced that its HubSpot Sales Hub product has been named the best CRM software in G2's Spring 2022 CRM Grid Report.

G2 is one of the largest "tech marketplaces" in the world. It features thousands of customer reviews covering scores of sales automation products.

HubSpot gained exceptionally high marks for customer satisfaction and likeliness to recommend. Not to mention, it gained first place on G2's Spring 2022 CRM Enterprise Usability Index. This recognition is especially valid since it's based on feedback and reviews from real users, including business owners and marketing professionals who interact with CRM systems on a daily basis.

Sales professionals using HubSpot Sales Hub features to manage their company's sales process.

What Users Said

Before we dive into the actual feedback provided, it's important to reiterate the last point made: namely, that G2 report rankings are based on data provided to the company by real users.

Tom Pringle, VP of Market Research at G2, puts it this way:

"We are excited to share the achievements of the products ranked on our site because they represent the voice of the user and offer terrific insights to potential buyers around the world."

So what did these real users have to say about HubSpot? Here is just a small sampling of the many positive reviews that HubSpot's CRM received:

  • "HubSpot has the brains of a developer, the UI/UX of a design-centric shop, and the possibilities of growth to scale with our company."
  • "HubSpot and its crew are always willing to go above and beyond. The tools are fantastic... and there is a wealth of documentation to refer to at any time."
  • "HubSpot has all CRM facets, [and] it is by far the best due to the fact that it has an incredibly comprehensive function that outweighs [sic] most paid CRMs on the market... It's a great option for just about every business out there."

What They Liked Best About HubSpot's CRM

When asked what they like the best about HubSpot's CRM, here is how some users replied:

  • "I love the Outlook integration, I can pull up or create a contact from an email in seconds. I can even automatically log emails so there's always a record of my communications. This way, my team can stay informed, no matter the situation."
  • "HubSpot Sales Hub gives users an incredibly quick way to ramp up outreach... It is simple to use the tool when progressing deals and tracking the sales cycle."
  • "HubSpot Sales Hub is extremely helpful in [saving] time in a sales lifecycle... Marketing features are also incredibly good. On top of all of this, it is super user-friendly and intuitive... On another note, it probably has one of the best Customer Support teams I have ever seen. There is always someone available to chat and 99% of the time they can solve your issues."

How HubSpot Sales Hub Can Fill Critical Needs

HubSpot's CRM platform offers a wide range of helpful features for growing businesses, from email automation to customer support documentation. This software can help your company to fill important gaps in your sales, marketing, and customer service processes, while simultaneously saving precious time and resources.

For example, HubSpot Sales Hub can compile, organize, segment, and track your sales data. It can help your reps to close key deals with high-value accounts. It can import data from other parts of the HubSpot "ecosystem," and help you to identify and follow up on warm leads quickly.

Some features of the HubSpot Sales Hub include:

  • A wide range of email templates for lead segmentation and personalized workflows.
  • Conversation tracking and intelligence, including call and email logs, as well as AI that searches for improvement opportunities.
  • Sales funnel and deal progression tracking, which enables reps to visually see where a deal is stalled, and take appropriate action as needed.
  • Customized quote generation capabilities, to effectively meet the needs of prospective customers with specialized requirements.
  • Robust scheduling functions, including a user-friendly calendar, and the ability to set meeting reminders and alerts.
  • Powerful sales analytics that helps with tracking KPIs and pinpointing bottlenecks in the overall sales process.

As you can see, HubSpot Sales Hub can supercharge a sales department's efforts. It can maximize not only the number of prospects the team can reach but also their effectiveness when doing so. Of course, all of the HubSpot hubs can make similar boasts in accord with their respective designs and goals.

Knowing that thousands of sales managers, marketing professionals, as well as business owners rely upon their software, HubSpot's team is extremely proud and grateful to be honored by G2 as the #1 CRM system in its report.

Stephanie Cuthbertson, Chief Product Officer at HubSpot, had this to say about the award, and the company's mission:

"HubSpot is driving success and growth for so many customers, and this award is the direct result. Building a well-crafted CRM platform that helps our customers grow better is central to our mission. We're proud to build a great experience customers love, and a platform that's powerful and easy to use -- and most of all proud to help drive success for our customers."

Group of sales representatives in an office - using HubSpot Sales Hub features to automate tasks.


The bottom line? HubSpot has been endorsed by thousands of satisfied users, and now has 1st place in G2's Spring 2022 CRM Grid Report to show for it. Without a doubt, there is much to gain from utilizing HubSpot's vast repository of sales and marketing tools. 

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