HubSpot Operations That Will Help Your Business Growth


Let's dive into 6 helpful features in HubSpot operations that you should know about. Read on and see how they can help your business continue to grow!
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Best HubSpot Operations to Help You Grow Your Business

A/B Test Marketing Emails

Anyone with years of experience in marketing can vouch for the importance of A/B testing. After all, without gathering some empirical data on consumer preferences, it's extremely difficult to package your core marketing message in an appealing way. 

Fortunately, HubSpot operations can help your sales team conduct effective A/B tests in a number of ways. One of the latest developments in this regard is a new update in HubSpot Marketing Hub that allows users to send A/B test emails through workflows. You can add two versions of the same email to a workflow, and then HubSpot will automatically deliver both versions to enrolled recipients. After the completion of the A/B test, the workflow will only send the more popular version to future contacts.

This is a great way to gain some hard data on your target audience's likes and dislikes without having to invest too much time and resources into manual setup.

Updates to Live Pages

HubSpot CMS has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to scheduling when a page should be published. That being said, it was often challenging to make changes or updates to pages that were already live.

Now, those difficulties are a thing of the past. HubSpot CMS has an update that enables users to conveniently create page updates and schedule publications without jumping through hoops. In fact, you can publish or unpublish several pages at the same time!

Accurate, up-to-date content is a hallmark of a reputable brand. Hence, this feature will help your team keep the company looking good, with a little bit less effort. Whether the changes are functional or stylistic, HubSpot operations have made them easier to implement than ever before.

The Payment Option

The less friction there is in your customer's journey, the better it is for your business. With that in mind, HubSpot CRM recently introduced a way to streamline the payment process and eliminate some friction within the purchasing experience: HubSpot Payments. This digital payment feature is built right into your CRM system. It enables you to unify commerce and customer data into one seamless process.

Many B2B customers in particular would love to have the ease and convenience of an e-commerce experience during the payment stage of a project. By using HubSpot Payments, you can provide them with exactly that. As HubSpot puts it, "this powerful combination creates a delightful purchase process for both your customers and your internal teams."

Associations for Organizing Your Contacts

Does your team always find it easy to organize B2B account information, including different contacts, deals, and tickets associated with the same company? It's often very easy to become disorganized, and miss out on cross-selling/up-selling opportunities — or even worse, sabotage promising leads by unwarranted duplication of efforts.

To help solve these and other issues, HubSpot CRM released the Associations feature. This feature allows users to group multiple company records with all of their related data fields. This lets you gain a holistic view of each lead. With that perspective in hand, it's much easier to deliver personalized messages to each account. It also identifies opportunities for promoting a product or service that would be especially beneficial for the prospective client.

Automated Ticket Updates and Actions

Do you want to enjoy a long-term relationship with your clients? Then it's vital that you have a robust customer support system in place. Of course, many companies utilize a ticketing system to streamline the process. However, not all ticketing systems are created equal.

With HubSpot Operations' recent introduction of ticket automation, your customer service team (and perhaps your sales team, depending on your departmental structure) now has a faster, more convenient path toward updating and closing out submitted tickets. Automatic updates are triggered based on preset conditions (if applicable). That information is then made accessible to all reps and managers who need to access the ticket thereafter. Employing this automation will help your team members to know the current status of each ticket accurately, and understand which steps to take next.

Ultimately, a streamlined support system will contribute to higher customer satisfaction overall, and a greater retention rate for your business. 

Mobile Sales Forecasting

Forecasting is a major component of many successful sales strategies. Accurate forecasting empowers sales reps and managers to make informed decisions in a number of key areas. This includes promotions to offer, which goals to set, and how to arrange their schedules to meet quota.

HubSpot has offered forecasting functionalities for a while. Now, the forecasting tool is available on HubSpot's mobile app as well. With that tool, you can view the forecast(s) most relevant to you. You can set targets for yourself or your team, and keep track of individual and collective progress. You can also filter your deals by forecast on the go.

As you can imagine mobile sales forecasting makes planning more accessible and convenient across the board — no matter where you are.
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Final Thoughts

As you can tell from the list above, HubSpot operations continue to get better each year. If you implement these 6 helpful features within your own sales process, you're all but certain to reap the benefits of increased efficiency, reduced friction, and higher customer satisfaction.

Of course, these features are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to HubSpot's capabilities in terms of marketing and sales automation. If you'd like to learn more about how HubSpot can act as a powerful driver for your sales process, reach out to our team at OverGo Studio today for a free consultation.

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HubSpot is one of the most popular marketing automation platforms in the world — and for good reason! It has a well-deserved reputation for a user-friendly interface, straightforward navigation, and an array of robust functionalities. Of course, marketing platforms are ever-evolving entities, and HubSpot is no different. Its designers recently introduced several new features into its suite of tools. Thus, making its HubSpot operations more streamlined and efficient than ever before.