HubSpot CRM: What is it and How Can it Benefit Your Business?


Most businesses in today's marketplace use a CRM as a powerful multi-purpose tool. One that results in increased customer retention, higher conversion rates, and sustainable growth. CRM stands for customer relationship management. And as its name implies, a CRM system is designed for managing most (if not all) aspects of your relationships with your customers. Of course, there is a lot of different CRM options on the market today. One of the most popular ones is the HubSpot CRM system. Why should you seriously consider investing in it? Let's discuss just a few reasons why in the information below.

The advantages of using a CRM platform as a "single source of truth" are plainly evident, especially when you think about how companies used to keep track of customer data. Perhaps the marketing team would have a "buyer's journey" in place to inform their ad creative. Sales reps would have their own tools designed to nurture leads and close deals. Senior management would have a high-level strategy for expanding brand awareness via multiple channels that their consumers preferred. However, all of this information was fragmented at best, and often led to mixed results.

Understanding the benefits of investing in a CRM platform.

In contrast, a robust CRM system provides a way to centralize and consolidate all of these (and many other) data points. So that everyone within the organization remains "on the same page," as it were. What this means in practice is that your marketing team won't be at odds with your sales team. Your sales team won't have to slow down to answer basic questions like "which pain points are customers most concerned with," and your managers will be able to effectively oversee the deployment of a unified strategy.

Simply put, a CRM is designed to help all members of your team work together to build and maintain great relationships with your customers.

What HubSpot CRM Does

HubSpot CRM is a world-renowned CRM platform that fits into HubSpot's overall "ecosystem" of sales, marketing, as well as customer service tools. The first and perhaps most notable feature of HubSpot's CRM is that its base implementation is absolutely 100% free. That fact alone makes HubSpot an attractive choice for many startups and SMBs that want to improve their customer experience without breaking the bank!

HubSpot CRM enables business leaders to compile and analyze customer data, identify key trends and opportunities within their consumer base and/or industry, generate effective sales funnels, as well as efficiently move buyers through their pipeline

Important Features of HubSpot CRM

HubSpot's CRM system can be exceptionally useful for both sales and marketing teams. Here are just a few key features of the platform that you should know about:

Features for Sales Reps

  • A customizable dashboard to help them view their sales pipeline and track the progress of individual prospects.
  • An activity feed that delivers notifications within seconds after a lead performs a specified action, such as opening an email, clicking on a link, or downloading an important document.
  • The ability to document every interaction with a prospect or customer (phone, email, SMS, and so on).
  • The capacity to create appointments, schedule and assign tasks, as well as set follow-up reminders.
  • Storage capacity of up to one million contact and company records
  • Automated logging of activities and documented interactions into a prospect's unique profile. This allows sales reps to potentially "revive" a cold lead with minimal time wastage.

Features for Marketers

  • The ability to manage ads within the platform.
  • Form and landing page templates to make lead capture initiatives less complicated.
  • A live chatbot that can engage with visitors to the company website in real-time.
  • An automated email marketing system that can be set up quickly and efficiently.
  • Email tracking and analytics, including documented open and click-through rates.

Of course, these are just partial lists for the sales and marketing departments. HubSpot CRM is a powerful system that offers a wide range of functionality that can be tailored to each business's unique needs, goals, as well as circumstances.

HubSpot Integrations

Besides the HubSpot CRM system's many native features, it can also be integrated with hundreds of 3rd party apps via the HubSpot App Partner Program. In fact, the HubSpot App Marketplace contains well over 200 integration options from which clients can choose. Here are just a few of the more popular integrations that businesses have used along with the HubSpot CRM:


HubSpot's Gmail integration enables your team members to log all of their (work-related) email conversations in the CRM. This in turn enables other sales reps and marketers to gain a fuller understanding of each individual customer, and his or her buyer's journey. 


Another popular email client integration, the HubSpot CRM-Outlook connection offers similar functionalities to the Gmail integration. 


This is one of HubSpot CRM's most popular e-commerce integrations. HubSpot CRM can seamlessly work along with Shopify to help your marketing team develop and deploy a number of automated campaigns. This includes abandoned cart, post-purchase, as well as cross-selling initiatives. Once you complete your setup of this integration, your team won't have to worry about manually sending out "welcome" emails or other sequences anymore.


Especially since March 2020, Zoom has become a household name across the globe. HubSpot CRM's integration with Zoom leverages the video-conferencing platform's many features into a streamlined, highly organized approach to meetings and sales calls. Your team will be able to schedule and begin Zoom meetings within the HubSpot CRM. And all the meeting details will be recorded within the platform under the appropriate contact's information.

Other Integrations

HubSpot CRM offers a host of other helpful integrations. From social media integrations with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to communication platform integrations with Slack or Hangouts.

Female professional using a laptop to access HubSpot CRM platform in an office setup.

Final Thoughts

In summary, HubSpot CRM is a powerful tool that can help you to grow your business by more effectively managing all aspects of your customer relationships. Like most CRMs, HubSpot's solution centralizes and consolidates key customer data so that everyone on your team stays on the same page.

In addition, HubSpot CRM provides a wide range of helpful features. These can take your sales and marketing processes to the next level.

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