Hubspot CRM: The Magic of Conversation Intelligence


Rick (00:00): Hi, today I'd like to show you something that I consider to be true CRM magic. I just love this feature inside of the HubSpot CRM. It's amazing. I just have to share this with you. So, let me jump in and take you there.

Rick (00:15): Here we are in a record, a contact record, and this is a demo contact record. So not going to be revealing any, any confidential information. So, Owen O'Malley here, we've had our discovery call. Now, when I have a discovery call with somebody, I really like to be an active listener. I hate sitting there taking notes, right? You can't really active listen if you're sitting, taking notes, and what if you're doing a screen share? I mean, then he's going to see you taking your notes or what do you write them on a piece of paper? The other thing I used to do is after the meetings, I try to remember what I, what was said, and then write the notes down. And that takes extra time and you usually don't get everything or you could always record it, right? You can record the conversation, but then you got to go back and listen to it. Who wants to do that? You got to have a half hour meeting and then you got to play another half hour listening to it and writing it.

Rick (01:13): So watch this magic. This is really cool. I'm going to go into my calls here with Owen, and I'm going to review one of the calls and click review call and look at this. So this pops up open here. So it does a recording of the call and it has a transcription down here. So I remember at one point in the call, Owen, we were talking about CRM. I want to get to that point. So I'm going to type in CRM and do a search and now it highlights everywhere in the call where CRM was mentioned. So I'm going to jump to this section of the call, I'm going to click on it, and it jumps to the recording.

Owen: Using kind of like a smaller CRM right now, but it doesn't have a ton of like automation connected to our marketing strategy and our marketing content. So I saw that HubSpot offers workflows, which I think is your version of automation.

Rick: So this is amazing. I can immediately find anything I'm talking. I want to search in here, okay price. Here's where we talked about price. I can jump to this section of the conversation.

Owen: Last year, but the, the price tag with--

Rick (02:37): So I can read it or I can listen to it, if I want to get the context, more of the emotion that was behind it, but this, this is incredible. I didn't have to type anything. I didn't have to, I mean, do anything. Yes, it's recorded, but the HubSpot system is actually transcribing it for me and then cataloging it. And there's a lot more features with this. I will start to jump into them in future videos of other ways of using this, but as a salesperson, for a salesperson, this is a great way to be able to go back and review one of my calls and just find that information right away that I'm looking for, without having to spend time taking notes. Anyway, I hope that, anyway, I hope you liked this. I hope this helped you. Give me some ideas what you can use this for. Thanks for watching. Have a great day.

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