HubSpot CRM - How to Track By Call Types


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Episode Transcript

Rick (00:00):Hey there! Are you tracking call and meeting types in your sales process? Have you set up these custom types already? If you are and you love to do some reporting and analytics on them, there is a really cool tool inside of HubSpot. It's a new feature, and I'd like to show it to you. So let's jump in.

Rick (00:19):When you finish a call, and you go to log the call, when you set this up, you'll have an option now of type. And we can say, okay, this was our discovery call, and we can log that. It's the same with meetings. When you go into the meeting, and go to log your meeting, you can select which type of meeting. Was it initial outreach, discovery, diagnosis, solution? And these are all customizable.

Rick (00:41)Then when you go in reporting, you can build reports now, and you could see the call and meeting types. Okay, we had prequalification calls here. And now we have them by outcome. So, connected, left voicemail, no answer, no value. So now we can get detailed reporting on our different types of calls and meetings, and what the outcomes were. And this is all customizable in the report builder too, so we can take it even further.

Rick (01:10)To set this up, we go into Settings, and into Objects, and into Activities. And here we just check-off track call and meeting types, and then we edit the options. And here we can add as many types as we like to track. So, it's completely customizable. Anyway, I hope you find this feature very helpful if you're tracking call and meeting types, and you want to keep track of them and report on them and see how you're doing. This is a really, really helpful tool. Thanks for watching this. Have a great day.

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