HubSpot CRM: How to Set Deal Priority


Rick (00:00): Did you know, you can set deal priorities inside of the HubSpot CRM? So if you go with the deal pipeline, I can pick a deal like this one here, open the side panel and set the priority. I have a choice between high, medium, low. I'm going to tag this one as high. Click save. You'll see now it gets tagged over here with high.

Rick (00:24): Let me tag this one also here. So this one, high, I'm going to save that. I'll tag this one as medium. All right. So you get it. You don't have to tag all of them, but if you just want to highlight the ones that are high, you can tag them as high. Then what that gives you, it gives you the ability to filter and you can filter your board by priority.

Rick (00:49): All my high-priority deals I can quickly get a view of all the deals that are high priority. Okay, that's it for today. I hope that helps you, have a great day.

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