HubSpot CRM: How to Customize Deal Cards to Keep Your Pipeline Flowing


Rick (00:00): Hi, did you know that you can customize the deal cards inside of the HubSpot CRM? I find this really, really helpful. The default view for the deal cards in your pipeline shows two fields at the bottom, the amount of the deal card and the anticipated close date. Me personally, I don't find that the anticipated close date to be a helpful field inside of this type of pipeline view. I have reports that show me dollars coming in by anticipated close date. So, I don't need that here. It kind of clutters it up.

Rick (00:32): There's other information that would really be helpful to me to have on these deal cards as I'm moving them from one stage to the next. So, let me take you in here and show you how to do this. You go into your property settings and you go over to Properties, Objects, and get into Deals. And then go to Record Customization here. And for this, we're going to choose Deal Card properties. And for what I like to see, besides the close date, instead of the close date, is the next step.

Rick (01:12): You know, for example, we'll focus in on this one here, next step for Woodward and Sons and they've already received the presentation. The decision maker is bought in, but they had some questions. And my next step is I got to get the ops team to answer their questions. So I find it really helpful to have that on the card. So as I'm looking at my deals, like, okay, so what is holding this up? What is the next step that has to be taken to bring it into the next stage of my sales process? Okay. Hope that- Okay. I hope that this was a helpful tip. Thanks for watching. Have a great day.

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