HubSpot CRM: Conversation Intelligence Use Case - Keywords


Rick (00:30): Now we're in the call review window and there's a lot of cool things in here. It has a recording of the call over here. And then on this side, it has the transcription of the call. It automatically does all of this for us. So, here's one cool feature. You know how... Sales trainers, you've been through any sales training? They'll typically tell you that as a salesperson, you should only be doing 20% of the speaking and the prospect should be doing about 80% of the speaking. And we all say, "Yeah, that makes sense." We want to be listening, active listening, asking questions, and understanding so we need to be doing more listening than talking. And then, how do you know if you're doing 80% or 20%, or whatever it is? Well, here, it tells you. I mean, you can just look at this call. You can see here that Sean did 86% of the talking and you can see here that Sean did 86% of the talking and I did 13%, which only adds up to 99% so somewhere there's 1% missing, but yeah, you get the picture.

Rick (01:31): But here's another cool feature in here and there's many cool features, and I'm going to highlight them in several videos. Another one here is keywords. What? What are keywords? Keywords in conversational intelligence? Yes, keywords. For our services, we sell CRM, implementation CRM, optimization, I can't speak, and automation. So, sales automation, marketing automation. So, we want to focus in on those keywords. And if those keywords show up in any conversation with a salesperson and a prospect, we want to keep track of them and just be able to find where they are. Sean mentioned CRM three times. If I click that, it'll go to the different sections of where he mentioned the CRM, and I can click on that and it will jump to it in the conversation and I could click here and listen to it.

- I can click automation and also, okay, here's where Sean was talking about automation and I can click that. So this is really, really helpful and there is many other uses for this tool. Anyway, I hope that gives you some ideas and I would love to hear from you if you're already using this. Thanks and have a great day.

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Rick (00:00): Hi. So, I want to show you one of my favorite features inside of the HubSpot CRM, and it has to do with something they call conversation intelligence, and it is really, really cool, very, very useful. So, here we are in a contact record. This is Sean Shoreman, which is... This is a demo contact that is made up. So, I'm not going to show any confidential information here about Sean. We're going to go into calls. So, I've got to take the last call and I want to review that call. I'm going to click Review and it opens up a window here.