HubSpot CRM - A Review of All the Features You Should Know


HubSpot CRM is one of the most popular customer relationship management systems in the business world today. It is used by small businesses and enterprise-level organizations alike and has a sterling reputation for usability, functionality, and affordability

How can you tell if HubSpot CRM is right for your company? There are several factors you'll need to consider when making such a determination. For instance, you'll need to know exactly what HubSpot can offer your business in the way of features, and how much it will cost to use their software. With that in mind, here's some helpful information that can guide you as you weigh your options.

Team of business people in a modern office using a laptop while discussing the features of their company's HubSpot CRM.

An Overview of HubSpot CRM

Right off the bat, it's important to note that HubSpot CRM is free to use. That's right: you won't have to pay a cent to access and implement the basic version of their CRM! For many small business owners, that is a huge advantage in and of itself. 

Looking for more powerful sales and marketing features? Then HubSpot CRM can also give you what you need by means of their "premium upgrades" (which we'll discuss in more detail later on). In any event, HubSpot CRM is a highly scalable and flexible platform for many companies that are looking to bolster their sales efforts without breaking the bank.

Moreover, HubSpot CRM doesn't come with a huge learning curve, as some other platforms do. You don't need to be exceptionally skilled with technology to navigate and use HubSpot's system. Its straightforward, user-friendly interface is a big bonus, especially when companies adopt it for the first time.

Noteworthy HubSpot CRM Features

Let's talk about some of HubSpot's helpful features, and how they can take your sales process to the next level. These features include:

1. Real-Time Pipeline Dashboard

HubSpot's sales pipeline dashboard is one of the star attractions of its CRM platform. It is bright, user-friendly, and powerful enough to update the status of each lead in real-time.

The dashboard allows your entire sales team to track the progress of an individual lead, or of many leads at once. It also helps them keep track of their own progress towards making quota, and provides a visual reminder of what steps they need to take next in order to nurture their lead and ultimately close the sale.

The dashboard can easily be sorted, filtered, and customized, and is extremely useful for reporting purposes. All in all, HubSpot's dashboard makes a big contribution to its CRM's functionality and charm.

2. Activity Logging

It's no secret to any experienced sales rep that activity logging is a big deal when it comes to effective follow-up calls/emails, not to mention inbound sales calls. It's important to have a record of any previous interactions with the lead right in front of you when initiating a new conversation, or guiding them towards a solution that your company provides.

HubSpot CRM's activity logging feature can make your team look good. It can also help convert prospects into leads and leads into paying customers. This feature works across several platforms, which means that your team always has access to the latest status of each lead. (For instance, it's easy to sync up HubSpot's activity logging with Gmail and Outlook.) And since HubSpot automatically tracks and logs each interaction, even human error is largely eliminated from the equation.

3. Real-Time Chat

Live chat is becoming more and more popular as a touchpoint between customers and brands. A comprehensive CRM platform should make it easy for prospects and leads to reach out to your company in the manner they desire. This usually means offering live chat as an option for your audience. How does HubSpot CRM stack up in this regard?

In a word: spectacularly. HubSpot's real-time chat can easily be installed onto your system and comes with a chat-bot integration that empowers you to automatically welcome leads, collect emails, and ask questions that will filter out high-value leads from the rest of the pack. You can also manage your sales team's messages across multiple messaging channels, and leverage a universal inbox to help your reps respond to prospects as quickly as possible.

Other helpful features associated with HubSpot CRM include:

  • The ability to create, organize and track email templates
  • Instant alerts when a lead opens an email, download an attachment, or takes another positive step towards a purchase decision
  • Syncing capabilities that allow your reps to share availability with customers, leads, and fellow team members
  • Lead metadata enhanced by the voluminous HubSpot database

Happy male sales representative in a modern office speaking with a customer using the different features of HubSpot CRM.

HubSpot CRM Pricing

As mentioned earlier, HubSpot CRM's base version is 100% free for businesses that don't want to purchase any premium upgrades. This "free forever" plan is a great option for companies that only need the basics for their sales and marketing process.

But what if you want to take your sales game to the next level? In that case, HubSpot offers several add-on plans that greatly enhance the capabilities of its core CRM software. These plans are associated with "hubs," which include the following:

Sales Hub Pricing

  • Starter $50/month - 2 users
  • Professional $500/month - 5 users
  • Enterprise $1,200/ month -10 users

HubSpot's sales hub offers advanced features designed to help your team close more deals. This includes premium email marketing tools and deal stage automation.

Marketing Hub (pricing = $50 to $3,200 per month)

The marketing hub is a wonderful tool for "supercharging" your outreach strategy for prospects and leads. It includes A/B testing functionality, built-in pop-up form templates, and other helpful features.

Service Hub (pricing = $50 to $1,200 per month)

If you need to offer exceptional customer support to your users, then the service hub may be perfect for you. It comes with a robust ticketing system to help you log, track, and resolve customer issues.

HubSpot CMS (pricing = $300 per month)

HubSpot's content management system empowers you to design and deploy attractive web pages, blogs, and other online content.

In summary, HubSpot CRM has proven to be a wonderful investment for many businesses around the world. Would it be the right choice for your business? If you'd like to find out, reach out to our team of experts at OverGo Studio today for a free consultation. We stand ready to assist!

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