How To Tell If Your Premium Content Is Purposeful


If you are creating content in your marketing strategy it should fall into some kind of bucket of purpose. When a writer sets out to write a novel they do it with purpose. The book is well thought out before the ink even hits the pages. They think about the story they have to tell and the best way to tell it to their audience. Will their audience identify with the characters? Will they feel the emotion/inspiration come off the pages? Sometimes their concepts and ideas turn into an amazing series of books that you can’t put down. Their writing serves the purpose of entertaining their audience and transporting them from the confines of their chair to the descriptive scenario on the page.

Now I understand that your business is not about to write a fictional novel about vampires to serve the purpose of driving teenagers crazy. Lets just sit with the idea that the concept of your content needs to come first before the ink hits the pages. You need to decide what the purpose of it is.

The conception

When creating purposeful content you need to plan.  Look at the audience you are trying writing your content for.

  • What are their pain points?
  • What buzzwords do they identify with?
  • What do their demographics consist of?

These kinds of questions will help you decide type of content to produce and how to write your content appropriately. The better you can put yourself in your audience’s shoes, the better you can serve them content they find value in.

Positioning the content

if you really want to see how much value your audience finds in your content, you need to be sure it is easily accessible to them.

  • Have it featured in various areas of your website
  • send out emails announcing the content
  • blast it on social medias that your audience frequents
  • set up some paid ad campaigns to raise awareness
  • send your content to evangelists and see if they can help promote it

Once your content is out there and accessible you can start to tell if your audience is finding value in it

Is it Purposeful?

Pay close attention to how your audience reacts to your content and engages with it.

  • How many views has the content’s landing page had?
  • How many people have downloaded it?
  • How often is it being shared on social media?
  • How many clicks are the CTAs getting?
  • Is it being talked about amongst your business community?

Looking into these details will give you some insight into how the content is being received. Does this mean it is purposeful though? That part is hard to tell.  Content can be masqueraded with fancy landing pages and compelling web copy, but when you actually download the content, it can suck. I know I have experienced this before, it is such a let down.

What you really need is direct feedback from your audience. Most of the time they aren’t going to drop their opinions at your door step.  It is up to you to ask them. Shoot them an email checking in to see how well your content was received. Pop around social media asking your audience about it.

My bottom line...

Content is a tricky lady. Even the best of authors have written books that flopped. But this is not to say that it is a total crapshoot. Prepare yourself with the proper research on your audience, spread the word about your new publication and take your best stab at it. Now go forth to the drawing board!

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