How To Make Your Sales Job Easier With a Little Video Marketing Magic



~~Effectively marketing your product or service to potential customers isn’t a one-size-fits-all process.

In fact, it’s a little like teaching…each individual client has his or her own specific needs, and processes information differently. For example, with some prospects, written comparisons that contain analytical facts offer the best means of logical persuasion, but for others, visual and auditory information is a better tool.

Professional salespeople understand this and can adapt their tone, materials, and level of contact according to each person and/or situation. But when you’re operating from a virtual contact or a web-based media lead, it’s not always easy to zero-in on what will work best for that person’s situation.

So here’s a quick tip on how you can combine video tools with marketing automation to greatly improve your sales process.

This is an incredibly effective technique that I use, and that we teach our clients to use successfully.

For any B2B product or service that you are promoting, there are typically 3 stages that your prospects go through before they make a purchase decision.

Buyer's Journey

1. The first stage is Awareness—your prospect realizes the symptoms of the problem and he or she is searching for information that will help correctly identify the problem.

2. The second stage is Consideration—the prospect has identified the problem and is now committed to researching all the available methods for solving that problem.

3. The third stage is the Decision stage—now that the solution has been correctly identified; your prospect is committed to finding the “best fit” provider to deliver that solution.

Before reaching out to a prospect via email or a sales call, it is really helpful to know the stage of the buyer's journey for that prospect, because it provides insight into the best information to present at each stage.

Let me show you how we do this using video and marketing automation.

First, we create 3 videos, one for each stage of your buyer’s journey.


  • The first video speaks to the pain points that your ideal customer typically has. This tool helps identify the underlying causes that contribute to the problems your prospect has recognized. - Awareness Stage
  • The second video provides information about your particular solution(s) to these pain points, giving practical information on why your methods are so effective.  - Consideration Stage
  • And the third video shows what it is like to work with your company. Maybe this is a testimonial video, a case study video, or maybe it is a video demo of your product or service. - Decision Stage

Now we load these 3 videos into our website marketing platform AND our email marketing system.

Here at OverGo Studio we use Wistia combined with HubSpot.


We’ve found that by combining Wistia and HubSpot, our website email system and CRM become intelligently connected. And because of that, the system knows which videos to serve the prospect, it immediately alerts your sales team when someone has completed a specific video.

Let me take you behind the scenes and show you how this works.

Let's take a look at our CRM system. Here you can see that Shirley has watched and completed a video on pain points and has also completed watching another video covering one of our solutions.


So now when we reach out to Shirley we already know that she understands the pain points we can solve for, and we also know that she is familiar with the solutions we provide.

In addition, we see that Shirley has not watched our case studies video, so before reaching out we may want to send her some more detailed information regarding working with our company, or another video that offers proof concerning the real benefits of our solution.

The takeaway here:

Rather than blanketing all of your prospects with the same information, you can actually tailor your information to each stage of an individual’s buyer's journey

Using this technique makes your sales follow-up procedures much more relevant and effective for both you and your prospect.

Next week, I will show you how you can automate this video delivery process using your website and your email system, plus how you and your sales team can be alerted at each stage of the buyer's journey.

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