8 Ways to Be Found on Houzz


8 Ways to Be Found on Houzz http://www.overgovideo.com/blog/how-to-get-found-on-houzz via @overgostudio by @alisammeredithWith 500 thousand businesses using Houzz to reach 25 million homeowners, some in the home services and luxury home goods business might feel like there is they're too late to the Houzz party. Not so! Not only is your actual audience often dependant on geographic location, cutting out a lot of competition, but so many businesses are missing the mark on Houzz.

This means it won't take a whole lot of time and energy to do a better job than most of the businesses already out there!

How Homeowners Find Businesses on Houzz

Homeowners can find you via keyword searches, which is why your profile setup is so important, and why you should spend plenty of time writing your descriptions on projects and individual product photos.

Other factors that will help you rank highly and be discovered more readily include:

  • A large number of photos
  • High quality photos
  • Popular, relevant keywords
  • Lots of good reviews
  • Relevance
  • Plenty of detail in the descriptions of your images
  • Staying involved! Recent activity boosts your rankings

Submit your Projects and Get Featured!

Big or small, Houzz wants you to submit your best projects to editors for a possible featured ideabook. These are not paid placements, which makes the benefit to you, the featured professional even more valuable as homeowners will know it’s based solely on quality!

Key to being featured is sending in a project that will likely resonate with the community. It may also be a benefit to you if you are in one of the less crowded categories (lawn and sprinkler versus kitchen and bath). Houzz also recommends a focus on small to medium-sized homes and budget-friendly projects. Follow all their guidelines completely for your best chance at getting featured!         

NOTE: When writing our Houzz ebook, I created a business profile (now closed) and some mock projects so I could include printscreens of best practices. To my great surprise, I got an email from an editor asking to feature our project! So, get the ebook, follow the suggestions, and you could get featured!

Find the Holes in Your Marketing

Be Social

Community interaction is one of the ways you’ll be found on Houzz - not only because of the Houzz search algorithm, but also because of the increased opportunity for incidental discovery - so stay involved! Learn how in our ebook.

Follow Others

Follow other designers whose work inspires you. Follow homeowners who interact with you. Follow local providers whose work complements your own. For example, if you are a landscape artist, follow local pool and spa installers. You never know what networking opportunities might arise offline as well!

Watch for and Promptly Answer Direct Questions

Viewers can post questions on any of your images or on your profile itself. When a question is posted, you will be notified, so keep an eye out!

If you are afraid you’ll miss the email, create a filter for emails with this subject line: “Someone has a question about one of your photos on Houzz.” You can also check the “Questions” link on your profile just to make sure.


Answer Questions Posed to Other Pros

A note on etiquette - if someone asks a question on the photo of another pro, it’s considered impolite to answer before they do - unless they don’t respond in a couple of days, in which case, it’s fair game! You can also chime in after they’ve had a chance to have their say.

To find places you might provide helpful information, search photos for your area of expertise. Look for a question you can answer, and then go for it! Here’s an example of a photo with a question and lots of great answers.

Work Those Discussions!

You can contribute to any discussion. Just browse until you see one you want to weigh in on. For example, this one on how to update a black and white kitchen When you respond, you can include a link to any image on Houzz, so if you have an example of a fabulous black and white kitchen on your own account, link there for even more exposure. Another bonus when you contribute to a discussion is that your answers show up on your profile, letting people see that you are engaged and present!

As on social media and your blog, contributing valuable, helpful information to readers establishes you as an expert in your field and increases your business exposure. Even if the person who started the discussion is way outside your service area, someone down the street from you could see it and then notice you for the very first time.

You might find great opportunities to share your expertise in the “Design Dilemma” discussions.  Even if the question isn’t directly related to what you do, if you have something helpful to say, say it! Your reputation will say more about you than advertising ever could.

Start Your Own Houzz Discussions

There are several types of discussions. We’ll look at the four which are the most relevant to Pros.

Houzz Discussion Type #1: Before and After

Everyone loves a Cinderella story. Showing what you’ve been able to do with that ugly yard/bathroom/porch/whatever really helps people imagine what you can do for them. Check out this example.

When you create your own, you should include the location in the title or description. Also, include keywords to describe the materials, color, style and room/area involved. If there was a special challenge (tiny bathroom remodel?) mention that, too! Just try a search on Houzz to see what you should include to be found for your before and after!

Houzz Discussion Type #2: Great Finds and Moments of Inspiration

Did you just find the perfect chair for your client’s new living room? Score a vintage piece you’re going to make over for a remodel? Snap a picture and share it.

Houzz Discussion Type #3: Polls

pollYour audience is willing and eager to provide you with free market research information! Ask a question to help you figure out what your customers want, what their challenges are, and what their priorities are. You can then use that to improve your marketing on Houzz and everywhere else!

For example, this poll about the most important finishing touches for cabinets.  You could also upload or link to several photos (you can link to Houzz photos even if they’re not yours) and ask readers to pick their favorite.

Houzz Discussion Type #4: Pro-to-Pro

If you’re looking to benefit from the experience of other professionals in your industry, network with others in your area, or just make connections, this is the place to be. Only pros can enter this section, so this is the place to ask for help, get opinions and collaborate freely without worrying that potential customers might realize you don't have ALL the answers (heaven forbid! :)).


You knew that was coming, right? Businesses that sell luxury home goods such as cabinets, draperies, appliances, might find this reference helpful. Local service providers should look here.

So there you have it - a plethora of ways to be discovered on Houzz. Which will you try first?

Don't forget to download the ebook - it contains everything you need to know to make a success of marketing on Houzz.



Find the Holes in Your Marketing

8 Ways to Be Found on Houzz http://www.overgovideo.com/blog/how-to-get-found-on-houzz via @overgostudio by @alisammeredith