How To Fight Inbound Marketing Trends and Do What Works



Marketing best practices and tools are constantly changing and evolving so put your dukes up and be prepared to fight off those crappy trends that won’t work for your company. What’s that saying.... “well if they all jumped off a bridge would you do that too?!” Since marketing practices are constantly changing and new things are popping up here and there... by the time you notice a “trend” it is already too late. It happened and you missed it. Yet you may choose to implement the trend instead of focusing on the bigger picture --what is best for your company.

Everyone is being all social!

Social media, it is hot, it is everywhere and a new one is popping up every day it feels like. With so many out there... it may just be impossible for you to manage them all. PLUS all of them are not going to help your business anyway. If you are a Vet trying to seek new local patients on vine...  you’re not going to be successful. Twitter... maybe. Facebook... a little more. Google+...YES!

While marketing trends sure do encourage businesses and brands to get out there and have a voice amongst your audience, it is important to point your voice in the right direction. If you are interested in climbing aboard the social media train (highly recommend it) then do some research into the demographics of each social media and what each is used for. Once you figure out where your target audience is being ‘social’ you can aim all your efforts in that direction.

Infographics for all!

The infographic just will not go away will it? It came on the scene so quick and caught fire! It was a huge trend over the past couple of years. And now it has just been accepted as another piece of content. As it should be. It has earned it’s rights to be listed with Ebooks, PDFs, Webinars Etc.

It’s a great tool but more than likely you are doing it wrong. More than half of the infographics I see floating around the web look like they were done for the sake of saying “I have an infographic.”

Infographics should be planned and thought out. Their purpose is to share a story or data in a visual way so it is easy to digest. This story needs to be compelling, the data shared needs to be significant.  So if you have something to share then by all means share it visually with an infographic. Just make sure your infographic doesn’t get caught in the mediocre vortex that is out there.

Put me in a video!

Video marketing. It’s stellar. We do it here at OverGo. A video that serves your business’s bottom line will boost your marketing performance.

Again, just like infographics people want a video for the sake of wanting a video on their website. Define what the video is, what purpose it will serve for viewers and then figure out the if/why you should do it.

What works?!

Most marketing trends work... that is why they are trends. You have to start filtering through them though. Decide what will serve your business best and what will not. You can’t lend your attention to every marketing trend out there hoping something will eventually stick.

Below are some trends here to stay that you can focus on to get a solid strategy started:

  • Marketing Automation :platforms like HubSpot
  • Content: ebooks, whitepapers, webinars, blogs
  • Social: twitter, facebook, pinterest etc.
  • A Mobile Responsive design: be user friendly on mobile
  • Email: Email is not going anywhere any time soon

My bottom line...

Always have a strategy for your marketing in mind when you try out new trends. Your business/brand’s success comes first and everything you do should serve this bigger goal.

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