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boring-website-content-revampCreating content can be fun at first, you get to come up with concepts that speak directly to your audience and educate them on things they want to learn about. But the internet calls for new and updated content constantly in order to continue getting found by your audience. This can become boring when you run out of ideas or enthusiasm for the same thing you or someone else has already covered.

Give Your Opinion

I know I can seem like I’m rambling sometimes when I blog, but I just enjoy writing opinion pieces more than anything. I read so many blogs daily that preach best practices, tips and tricks, jargony content, and information that everyone else has already covered. It can get old and sometimes I feel like I’m writing a blog 20 people have already written before. When I write opinion pieces however, I feel like I’m leaving an actual footprint in an oversaturated marketing world. If I have something I need to write on but I’m just not motivated to do it I’ll turn it into an opinion piece and voila, boring content is no more.

Question and Answer

People are curious, and statistics show that most people searching online are looking for answers to a question. If you’re having trouble coming up with new content, then appeal to those curious people. Answer the questions that you get on a day to day basis and have perfected the answers to. Or answer questions that your salesmen get asked in their daily conversations. This will give you enough content for probably a few different blog posts

Brag About It

One thing you learn about people when it comes to business conversations (or dating) is that people love talking about themselves. These are people that I generally don’t enjoy spending too much time with in my personal life but when it comes to content for your website, it helps. Brag about business accomplishments, brag about a tool you used to do something cool with, brag about a new hire, brag about your client’s accomplishments. Don’t go overboard with the self-promotion but some shameless, cool, and promotional shares never hurt anyone.

Repurpose Old Content in New Ways

Remember that ebook you pumped out a few months ago? Turn it into something cooler like an animated video, webinar, mini blog posts, or an infographic. Ebooks can be boring and basic but if you’re repurposing it, you have a chance to revamp and make it more fun.


Even though your buyer personas are laid out as one generic person, the truth is that your audience is comprised of so many various different people who like to consume content in different ways. Having your website full of informative blogs and ebooks is fine, but more interesting presentations like infographics and videos will pull in the people who prefer to watch more than read. Sometimes it isn’t always the topic, but the way it’s presented that people find boring.  

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