How to Analyze Marketing Strategy to Improve Lead Generation


analyze marketing strategies waitingHubspot’s Inbound 2013 left our office with one overall theme that really stuck. And when it comes to creating inbound marketing strategies, we believe you should “Try anything and test everything.”  In this industry, you must be focused on results or you will be left behind.  Find hidden connections.  Look beyond the covers and dive deep into the statistics. If you look close enough, I bet you will start seeing these hidden connections that were uncovered before. This hidden information will be different from industry to industry, but I want to show you a few easy tips on how to analyze marketing strategy to improve lead generation.

Basic Conversions

The basic conversions you need to pay attention to are Call-to-Action’s (CTA) Click-through-rates (CTRs) and Landing Page Conversions. These tools are the foundation to your lead generation, which is why you must always pay attention to them.  

Lets focus on CTAs first.  There are many different aspects to a CTA that you can alter to improve click-through-rates.  Lets take a moment to discuss what you should test below.  

    1. Button Copy:  Alter your CTA button copy to become more appealing.  Make sure they are concise and brief, while also describing the offer.  Making sure the offer is clearly explained because it will help your conversion rate on your landing page. Alter button text and layout.  

    2.  Button Color:  Alter button color to find which ones convert best. You want your buttons to stick out on the page and not blend in or it may be overlooked.  

    3. Location:  You know the old saying, “When establishing property value in real estate, what are the 3 main determining factors? -  Location, Location, Location.”  This is true on a site also.  CTAs need to be placed where they will be found and where they are relevant. The most common location advice people give is place the CTA above the fold so it is seen right away.   

    4. Button Design:  Some designs are just more appealing than others.  So test them to see which one works best for you.  Flat buttons tend to receive lower click through rates compared to 3-dimensional ones.

Special Effects:  Some sites even create special effects to create more attention to the CTAs.  They could make the CTAs scroll with the user or even make it wiggle to attract more eyes in its direction.

Now that we have covered some of the simple CTA testing you can do, lets look into landing pages.

Landing Page Copy:  Just like the button, you will need to test landing page copy.  Alter the headline, change value proposition, condense or explain more in the main copy.  Create bulleted points for product or service highlights. These are all good ways to test landing page copy. It needs to be compelling but yet simple and clear. Make sure you are solving a unique problem.  And lastly make sure you page isn’t full of clutter.  Clear it out and leave some whitespace.  Too much clutter can be overwhelming.    

Testimonials & Reviews:  Let people know what others are saying about your service or product. This can help persuade others to fill out the form.

    1. Form Alterations: Your form could be the biggest thing holding you back.  Don’t make your form look intimidating.  To many fields can cause friction with potential leads and keep them from filling out a form.  We have all done it, seen the form and said “nope not filling all that out.”  Only collect information you have to have.  The rest can be collected at another time.  The bottom button of the form can also be tested just like the CTAs above.

    2. Corner Leads: What I mean about cornering leads is that you need to take away all easy outs.  Don’t make it easy for leads to click away from the form.  So make sure you take navigation bars out and remove all other CTAs. You want all their focus to be on the copy and form and nothing else.

    3. Chat Tool:  Sometimes sites even place chat boxes on their landing pages to help improve lead conversions.  Calling someone can be intimidating but chatting just seems so easy so if you have somebody they can connect with on that page, you may be able to persuade them into your product or service.

    4. Be Creative:  This is the most vague of all of these tips, but it is still important. Stand out from the crowd.  You don’t have to look like everyone elses landing page.  Create directional cues (like Look HERE) to place attention on areas of importance.

Knowing how to analyze marketing strategy for higher lead conversions is a very in depth subject.  In this article we just scratched the surface to on-page alterations you could apply in order to increase lead conversions.  Once a solid foundation is in place (CTAs and Landing Pages), then you can start focusing on other tactics like email campaigns, advertising and social posts to increase lead conversion.    

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Photo Credit: notfrancois via Flickr