How HubSpot Email Marketing Can Save Your Life


hubspot-life-saver-emailNothing has changed our communication and everyday routines more than email.  Everywhere you look in business, education, government and your social life have been altered by the email.  You could almost say it is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  So now Betty White has been alive for two of the greatest inventions of the last century.  

But it can also be very dreadful to use email. It can cause tons of headaches and miscommunications due to poorly written emails.  You never know, maybe it could even be deadly.  Below is an example of when emailing goes WRONG!  

  • “Hey John,  I was walking through the office the other day and I noticed you had all of your books and documents spread around your desk. Getting around all this stuff was annoying and it caused a lot of incontinence for me”.  What our example was trying to say here was inconvenience instead of incontinence.  I will let you imagine the response for yourself.

So how can Hubspot email marketing save your life?  Here are a few examples of when email marketing can save your life.

  • So you own a company and one day all of your clients decide to stop using your services.  Have you been sending marketing emails to attract new clients?  Have you created an email campaign for past clients to encourage them to use your services again?  If not your business will ultimately fail.  No more income.  Since you are a business owner, you have probably neglected those around you due to your busy schedule.  Now you have no money and no friends or family to help you. Your life spirals out of control.  You become homeless. You struggle daily to find food. One day as you hit up a local restaurant dumpster for some scrapes, you come across a gang of hobos scrounging in the same dumpster.  They are not happy with you taking their food and it leads to a fight. Ultimately this fight leads to cerebral hemorrhaging, which you are unaware of due to your inability to pay for a doctor, and thus you die.   I bet you wish you implemented that email marketing campaign now.

  • Lets say you have a form with a comment box at the bottom. A lead of yours comes along and leaves the following comment on your form.  “Please contact me.  If you don’t i will track you down and murder you.”  Seems pretty obvious here that setting up a  hubspot email marketing campaign to follow up with leads would truly save your life.

Build Segmented Lists to Market To

In all seriousness, Hubspot email marketing can become very vital to the survival of your business (maybe not so much you).  Using email marketing campaigns can significantly increase sales.  By setting up different segmented campaigns, you can target current customers for cross selling opportunities or encourage leads to learn more about your company in hopes of them converting to a customer.  You could even contact past clients to stay top of mind and show them new services or products you may offer.

Segmentation is important because you don’t want to send all of your contacts a broad email that doesn’t focus on their needs or situation. They will never read it.  You want these emails to specifically focus on a pain or interest of these segmented groups.  Also, these emails should have a call-to-action and you wouldn’t want to send current clients an email requesting them to partner with your company or to buy their product.  

Hubspot Email Marketing      

Creating an email marketing strategy is important.  It is a great way to connect with current customers and build deeper relationships to improve client retention.  Current customers are also great opportunities for up selling your products. Making this additional sale is twice as easy since they have already built trust in your company.  It is also great for nurturing potential leads to attract more customers and ultimately more sales.  Hubspot email marketing may not really be able to save your life, but It could save the life of your company.

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