How to Harness the 5 Marketing Superpowers of Houzz for Your Business


Grow Your Business with the Five Marketing Superpowers of Houzz via @overgostudio

Last week we talked about why Houzz is such an incredibly powerful marketing platform for so many businesses. But, why? How does it really work? What is it about Houzz that makes it a viable marketing platform for builders, designers, and sellers of luxury home goods and services, and even lawn and garden businesses and design schools? Which features are key to making it work for you?

Houzz Marketing Superpower #1: Ideabooks

Houzz ideabookFrom a homeowner’s point of view, ideabooks are the heart of Houzz. Homeowners create ideabooks as they are planning a project. They’re full of photos from various professionals that inspire the homeowner. When the homeowner or someone connected to them looks at the photos, it’s easy to see which professional took the photo.

As homeowners collect more and more photos in their ideabooks, they may notice that many of their favorites are yours AND they may realize that you’re local. Other homeowners may see the ideabook and notice the same thing! In this way your exposure grows, and the likelihood of a website visit, contact or phone call increases.

Houzz Marketing Superpower #2: Discussions & Photo QuestionsHouzz questions and discussions - great ways to get found!

Homeowners can also ask for help in Houzz discussions. When you participate and provide helpful answers, you establish yourself as an expert, get to showcase your personality and your work, and the answer becomes a permanent part of your profile.

Keep in mind that homeowners cite a “personality I can work with” as a much more important factor than cost. The ability to add projects and photos with captions, as well as participation in discussions and the way you answer questions will allow your likable personality to shine!

If you're a service professional, the inclination can be to limit yourself to answering questions of only local homeowners, But remember that your answer to someone in Madison might be seen by (and impress) someone in your home town of Toledo!

They see your answer, are impressed and they hire you!

Houzz Marketing Superpower #3: Potential for Tremendous Exposure with Features

Houzz Editor Stories Can Give You Tremendous ExposureWhen you add great photos to Houzz, Houzz writers and editors may add those to their articles and ideabooks, or feature them on the home page, which means a lot more exposure for you and your work.

No one can pay for that kind of exposure so it come with a high trust factor to browsing homeowners. Upload your own photos of excellent quality that are at least 1000px wide for your best chance at inclusion. If you really want to up your chances, hire a professional photographer – another category of pros you can find on Houzz!

Houzz Marketing Superpower #4: Increased Website Traffic & Lead Generation

You can add links to your website or blog on every project and photo you upload to Houzz, increasing the chances people will visit your site to learn more and possibly become a lead.

Houzz Marketing Superpower #5: Increase Your Product Sales By Selling Right on Houzz

While Houzz is big with the service and design crowd, it’s also become a viable market place for selling home-related goods online.

Here’s what you need to know about selling products on Houzz:

  • You first need to become an approved seller at
  • You add products, setting your prices and handling delivery or shipping.
  • Houzz processes the payment and allows you to track inventory.
  • House charges a 15% referral fee.

What one Seller Says:

“Houzz is the go-to source for high-end remodeling, interior design and products. It’s the perfect place for us to be.”

- David Masin, Masins Fine Furnishings

For best results, don’t just list your products and wait for the orders to come in! For the best chance of discovery, be an active user, just like any service provider.

You can save products to ideabooks, so make sure you take pictures of your products in real-life settings. Then you can create an ideabook around the product, while still making the ideabook one that will be fun to peruse!

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 5 Marketing Superpowers of Houzz