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How to set up a Houzz professional profile that gets noticed. http://www.overgovideo.com/blog/houzz-marketing-set-up-professional-profile via @overgostudioYour profile is the foundation for success on any social network. In the case of Houzz, where people are actively looking for professionals like you, and where the completeness of your profile directly influences your chances of being found, it is absolutely essential that you make it the best it can be.

So, let's go through a thorough step-by-step of getting set up on Houzz. Even if you already have an account, follow along and make sure you haven't missed anything. Even the smallest addition can help people find you!

How to Set Up Your Professional Profile on Houzz

  1. Create a profile.
  2. Choose “Professional.”
  3. Confirm your email address.
  4. Complete your profile, choosing your category carefully.

Additional details are optional, but as with all online profiles, the more information you can provide, the better!

  • Use keywords in your business description and services provided. Give this some thought. Include commonly-used terms for the styles, products, brands and services you provide. "Architectural design services" may be a term you like to use, but a prospective customer might be searching for "custom home designs."
  • List every city and region you serve. This allows local homeowners to identify you as a possible option for their next product.
  • Be sure to upload a profile photo of you or your team. A business logo will work, but is not ideal. People hire people - not logos.

Set Up a Houzz Profile That Gets Noticed 

Now you have a basic Houzz profile, but to really stand out from the other 500,000 professionals out there, spend a little time to add some powerful optional elements. No time to do them all now? No problem - download our all-in-one Houzz marketing kit now. It includes a printable setup checklist.

  • Add a cover photo. Use an image at least 1200px wide. You will be able to crop it to a maximum of 1200x300. When designing the image, keep in mind that there is a shadow gradient that extends about halfway up the image.
  • Create a project and upload at least five images of your work*
  • Encourage at least three customers to review your work. *
    Note: If your customers aren’t online savvy, they can fill out a hard copy and send it to Houzz. Here‘s how.
  • Add a Houzz badge to your site*.
  • Allow people to add photos to houzz from your site - add this code.
  • Make it easy for people to learn more about you by adding your social links to your profile.
  • Add a Houzz tab to your Facebook page.
  • Add Houzz widgets to your website. Options include Houzz reviews, slideshows and badges.

*These items will improve your ranking with the Houzz algorithm.

Integrate Houzz with your other marketing.

truckOK, so it's not technically part of your profile, but it's a good thing to start on now, when you're in "get it done" mode. :)

As with all online marketing, Houzz is more powerful when you integrate it with all your offline marketing and branding! Get Houzz stickers, consider adding a mention of Houzz to your company vehicles, business cards, brochures, etc.

Any time you can give people another option to learn more about you and your work, get to know your personality and see customer reviews, do it!

Next Steps for Houzz Marketing Success

Get active on Houzz! Learn about the five marketing superpowers of Houzz and download our All-in-One Houzz Marketing Kit, which includes our 54-page ebook, "Houzz Marketing A to Zz" and a printable setup checklist.

Find the Holes in Your Marketing

 How to set up a Houzz professional profile that gets noticed. http://www.overgovideo.com/blog/houzz-marketing-set-up-professional-profile via @overgostudio