Helping Our Clients' Mobile Website Visitors Get What They Want


During 2016 we saw a big increase in mobile traffic visits coming to our client, Heavenly Greens’ website.

New visits from mobile were up 41% over the prior year. Although we had a responsive mobile site in place we felt it was time to take it to the next level and create a stellar experience for the mobile website visitors. We were concerned about missing lead opportunities normally captured by forms coming from desktop visitors.

At OverGo Studio we had a vision of a thumb driven mobile experience - easy to navigate - get anywhere within one click.

Working with the CMO of Heavenly Greens, Troy Scott and bringing in Joe Jerome of  Brand Builder Solutions we solidified our vision and went to work.

The team analyzed the mobile buyer's journey, built the mobile navigation, created the design, programmed it and launched.

Immediately we saw the average pages per session go down slightly by 19% on mobile. We also saw the time on site decrease by 17.4% on mobile. This was good. It meant that mobile visitors were getting to the information they wanted faster.  It was proven out by the fact that our Invoca tracking showed a 30% increase in phone calls. The sales team reported the same. The new mobile experiences was now leveraging the traffic and sending more qualified calls into our client's sales team.

We were able to monitor our mobile metrics throughout this process with Databox.


Our Databox report :“Mobile vs Desktop Traffic Quality


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