Samepage Collaboration Software


Do you have a tool that helps keep your team members on the same page?

At OverGo Studio we invested a lot of time searching for the perfect collaborative tool. We've gone through a dozen different collaboration products over the years. None of them really fulfilled all our needs, until we discovered Samepage.

Samepage is the best! It keeps your team up to date and allows you to organize notes, files, calendars, tasks, images around one project, event, or meeting. It aids in growing your team culture and growing your business.

Recently we have been using Samepage everyday for our internal meetings, campaign planning, client meetings and projects.


Although Samepage really shines as a collaborative tool it is so much more.

I personally use it to organize my notes, spreadsheets, screen grabs, etc. And I always have the option to share what I do with the team if I wanted to.

It is hard to completely explain the benefits of Samepage, it is much easier to show you how it works. We created this short dramatization video to show how one company is using Samepage.  Watch the video labeled product tour.  

In the interest of full disclosure Samepage is a client of ours, yet we are not compensated in any way if you sign on with them.

I am sharing this with you because I truly believe this product helps with collaboration and productivity.

Go check it out.

Do you use any type of collaborative software? Comment below to start a discussion.