Inbound Success Story: How One Company Launched An Inbound Brand From Scratch


inbound-marketing-case-study-accelerate-growth-2We try not to be self-promotional as best we can but sometimes we have to toot our own horns. Our newest case study features some amazing results and we wanted to share another awesome inbound success story! Wheel Woolies, an automotive brush company came to us with zero online presence and wanted help figuring out how to reach more distributors. We put our heads together and got them some fantastic results. 

The Wheel Woolies specialize in creating awesome wheel detailing brushes. Though the Wheel Woolies brushes had been in production since 2006, the product line was considered a secondary offering. As such, Wheel Woolies were never formally launched and no attempt was made to market the product specifically. The result? Sales were inadvertent and sporadic. However, initial feedback from users revealed a substantial market and potential for Wheel Woolies success as a stand-alone product line. Because Wheel Woolies had no existing internet presence, there were no marketing performance metrics to evaluate. 

Our main goal was to attract distributors which we did by creating a distributor buyer persona and building a strategy around that. We built and launched a website, blogged, created premium content, and utilized HubSpot's "smarketing" techniques to produce amazing results. In only 16 months we helped them increase their average monthly traffic to 4,000 visitors, closed 12 distributor customers, and facilitated their brand through numerous online avenues. 

To learn more about Wheel Woolies' success click here to download the case study!