OverGo Studio Helps Energy Expert Grow Sales With Video Marketing


With OverGo Studio’s digital expertise and coaching, Peter Kelly-Detwiler (PKD) went from being a respected expert in the energy industry to becoming a more widely recognized thought leader, with an increasing industry reach. OverGo exceeded PDK’s desire to achieve more impact in the industry.

OverGo Studio (OGS) is a 15-year old boutique digital marketing agency and HubSpot partner specializing in working with marketing savvy SMBs to improve their digital sales and marketing performance. 

When OGS reached out to PKD to explore how and in what specific ways they could help, Kelly-Detwiler felt an immediate connection with OverGo’s CEO and Founder, Rick Kranz.       

“Rick invites you into the opportunity. There’s no high pressure, just a thought-provoking conversation where he opens you up to talk about your vision. He asks a series of questions and he gets to your essence pretty quickly. I’ve never had that experience before and it was really energizing.”

Producing videos fast yielded new business opportunities

Kelly-Detwiler spends at least three to four hours each day scanning, reading, and digesting more than 250 industry-specific and industry-related pieces of content. This is necessary to stay on top of technologies and ongoing changes in the energy industry. 

OGS recommended creating a weekly video series to amplify PKD’s analytical and communications expertise using his daily work as the content fuel. This video marketing series was designed to be a keystone of the new website being created that would position Kelly-Detwiler as a thought leader.


Peter Kelly-Detwiler explains how video marketing works for his business. Click to watch. 


In these videos, Kelly-Detwiler summarizes the top 4-8 major stories and trends he sees during that week. He takes complex subjects and distils them down into “mental velcro soundbytes” that are easy to understand, remember, and share. 

The video series was released on LinkedIn and within a few months, PKD had attracted thousands of followers and closed several major engagements with corporations ranging in size from start-ups to established players. Today, between 500 - 2,000 people (and growing) view his weekly videos and share them with their networks. 


“These videos have become my business card showcasing my expertise in effectively communicating these critical topics. Effective and compelling communication is a major problem in this industry — and that’s my secret sauce — people have been reaching out for consulting and advice on these topics and how to best communicate them. I’m also now being asked to moderate public discussions as well as create white papers.”

 PKD Video Marketing on LinkedIn

But wait...there’s more

OverGo and PKD didn’t stop there. The next phase of their journey was increasing PKD’s reach to fill the service gap devastated by COVID-19 — in-person training. Moving to online training meant finding the right platform. It needed to deliver the best learning experience as well as being dead simple for PKD and his clients to use. Once OGS found the right software and configured it, PKD took his voluminous existing course material and converted it into an online format entitled “The Short Circuit” 

PKD’s first 4-hour course, “Evolution of the Power Grid,” had 50 people sign up and 44 who attended live. At the end, three corporations hired him to offer training specifically for their teams in custom sessions. In fact, PKD’s online training has become so successful and popular worldwide that he doesn’t see any urgent demand to return to in-person training for now. (At time of publication, the second course was just delivered and the third is in process.)


Just one more thing

Next up is Kelly-Detwiler’s new book, “The Energy Switch: How Individuals and Corporations Are Transforming the Power Grid” (Prometheus Books), slated for release in June ‘21. When PKD announced his contract with Prometheus for this title, that announcement got 27,000 views — the most he’s ever had. Kelly-Detwiler feels very strongly that:


“As a nation, we have to make a transformation to a clear energy economy. And that can’t happen if people don’t understand what’s going on, why it’s necessary, and specifically how they fit into that picture. My book is aimed at helping create this context for the average person in an easily understandable way. Ultimately, this is what drives me — Did I affect meaningful change in the universe for me and people around me?”The Energy Switch Author Peter Kelly-Detwiler

Amplifying PKD’s message

Everything that OverGo does with PKD is to amplify that message. From creating a website that clearly communicates relevant information, to publishing a video series and offering online training that helps educate people about this necessary transformation. Even to helping launch a new book that presents a lucid explanation of where we were, where we are, and how we can move forward so no one is left behind.

"OverGo Studio helped me create a digital presence, expand my horizons and leverage my presence in the marketplace of ideas. I don’t know anyone else with whom I’ve had such a synergistic relationship."

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