Create a Houzz Project That Gets Found and Featured


Can you imagine the impact on your building, architecture, landscape, or design firm when your project images are featured on the home page of Houzz?

The twenty-five million users of Houzz could see YOUR work front and center.

No one can pay to be featured, so if your images are chosen for a feature, it’s a HUGE endorsement of you and your work. 

Even if you aren't chosen for a feature, following the suggestions for featured projects is a good way to increase your chances of being found by searchers on Houzz. The first step to attaining both goals is to upload a project full of images.

How to Create a Project and Upload Photos to Houzz

It's a fairly simple process, but not completely intuitive, so let's go through it one step at a time:

  1. Hover your profile image or “Your Houzz” in the upper right corner of the screen and choose upload photos or projects .Houzz upload images to a project
  2. In the drop-down menu to choose a project, select “Create New Project”
  3. Give your project a descriptive name. "Modern Kitchen Remodel - Nantucket," for example.
  4. Choose the Category "spaces."
  5. Select the style that most aptly describes your project.
  6. Fill in all available fields, using the information for the project, not your business.
  7. Include a link to your website. If you have a project page on your site for this project, you may wish to link to that rather than your home page.
  8. Enter the keywords for the project. Remember that “keywords” here refers to the entire project, not just to the images you will upload and should be of a more general nature, applicable to all images. You'll get more specific at the photo level.
  9. Click on the gray box and choose images for which you own the copyright or are otherwise licensed to use.
  10. Click "Upload."

A note about images – to increase your chances of being featured, make sure your images are of high quality and at least 1000 px wide (though 2400px is better!). If at all possible, hire a professional photographer to document your projects. You can find one on Houzz!

Give Each Project Image a Stellar Description & As Much Information as Possible

Once your images are uploaded, you'll be able to add more information to each one. For each image, enter a thorough, unique description. Use keywords to identify:
  • Materials usedUse Keywords in Houzz Photo Descriptions
  • Colors
  • Patterns
  • Shapes and sizes
  • Quantities
  • Products and features of the products
  • Designer or brand names
  • Design style

Take advantage of all the fields you can fill in. The more information you can provide, the better. It feels like a lot of work for just one image, but consider how much MORE work it took to actually complete the project!

Tag Products to Provide More Information

Use product tags on Houzz photosNow tag your photos where applicable. If you used, for example, a Kohler faucet in your kitchen design, click in the image where the item appears and then select “Product Tag.”

If the product isn’t available, you can upload your own by clicking “Upload” in the upper-right corner of any Houzz page. This takes you to the upload spaces page, but just select the category “product” and continue. The product you upload will be available for all Houzzers to use in tags.When you are on the upload spaces page, click to select to upload to a project instead of an ideabook.

You can also tag an image with an image note. The more you can get people to interact with your work, the more connected they’ll be with you as a designer, so if you want to provide a little "inside scoop" for people who are looking closely, feel free. You can also include links in your images notes – perfect to link back to the blog post you wrote on that design, or the YouTube video tour your recorded.

Here is a nice example of a detailed photo description. You can see tags at work here, too!

Go Back and Fill out Your Project Description and Contributors

It seems a little strange that you can't enter your project description when you're creating it, but you'll simply need to go back to your project and click "Edit project." Here you can add details about the project itself. Make sure to include the date completed.

In the "Credits" field, start typing the name of other Houzz pros who worked on the project. This is a great way to network.

Increase your Chances of a Houzz Feature

Houzz editors look for innovative builds and remodels completed in the last year. Small and medium-sized home projects will give you an edge, and if you were constrained by a smallish budget, so much the better! Make sure to specify any cost-cutting methods, innovative solutions to tough problems, sustainable materials used and “gotta-have-it” splurge items.

The homes should be furnished and staged, even if no one is yet living in the spaces. Include before and after photos for the biggest impact.

One of the goals of featured products is to help homeowners understand costs. Include an estimated budget, cost per square foot or other budget details. If the project could have cost 10 thousand dollars if it weren’t for the $5K mantelpiece the homeowner couldn’t do without, be sure to include that detail.

We’ve said it before, but the importance of professional photography cannot be overstated. Look at the projects featured on the home page of Houzz. You will not see one that isn’t magazine worthy. Look at the photos used in their original state. They often have terrible or nonexistent descriptions, so apparently that doesn’t matter too much as far as features are concerned (but is still very important for discovery). But every single one of the images is stunning.

Is everything ready? Now just send your project link and description to Use a descriptive subject line sycg as “Kitchen project,” “Landscape project,” or “Professional remodel.” You’ll be contacted if they wish to move forward with an interview.

Have you had a project featured on Houzz? Has it brought in new leads for your business? Tell us about it! Want to learn more about using Houzz to get new customers? Download our Houzz marketing kit:

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