How To Stay On Top of Your Business Marketing Plan


business marketing plan on topBusiness marketing plans are full of strategic ideas and goals that are meant to develop into a concrete reality one day.  It is easy to get off track and lose sight of your plan- which is why the once established “I am going to do this” business marketing plan usually ends up in the filing cabinet somewhere collecting dust (or in the cloud collecting virtual dust).

Take a pledge and stick to your business marketing plan- it is easier than you may think with these tips below.

Make parts of your plan measurable.

Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) for your business.  Break your KPI’s down into staggered goals.  For instance, if you have a 6 month business plan, assign a goal metric for each KPI to reach at the end of every month.

Have your plan within eye shot.

Don’t create a plan and file it away! Take that plan and place it right underneath your nose.  Have a white board? Set up a calendar to view goals for each month. Keep it simple-  tape a piece of paper above your desk. Just have it so that your goals are staring right at you, breathing down your neck!

Discuss the plan.

Whether you work alone or in a group setting, you should schedule routine meetings to convene around your business marketing plan. These meetings should serve to see if actions outlined in the plan are being implemented and to assess if these actions are aiding in the reach of your business goals.

Block out time.

Being a business owner, you are being pulled in about 50 directions at any single moment. It can be hard to sit down and implement actions outlined in your business marketing plan. Do yourself a favor and block out time on your calendar for this, do it weekly or even daily.  If you know every Tuesday you set aside 2 hours for your marketing plan action items, you are less likely to use that time for something else.

Reward yourself.

You aided in the creation of this plan, you executed your action items, and you are seeing progress towards your business goals- that takes discipline and you should not let it go unnoticed.  Reward yourself. Maybe it’s a simple pat on the back or maybe its time to light that cigar and kick your feet up!

The bottom line.

Keep your plan top of mind and in play. These points may be simple and some even quirky, but they will help you stay on top of your business marketing plan.

Photo Credit:  flippercrutch via Flickr