Sales and Marketing: The Best Way To Move a Lead Through the Sales Funnel


describe the imageSo how do you turn a no or not now into a YES!  It’s simple:  Lead Nurturing Campaigns.  And once you set it up, it will do wonders for your business month after month.  First off, Lead Nurturing Campaigns are ways you can build relationships with potential customers via email.  Once you collect a lead using inbound marketing, you can put them in an automated system to inform them of everything you have to offer.  It can help turn a interested non-buyer into a client ready to buy your product.  So instead of using your sales team to nurture leads which can take valuable time and money, you can use an automated system to educate them about the options you have to offer.  This will inform them over a period of time and hopefully give them the insight on your product to decide to purchase. 

How to Start?

First you will need an email list.  You can acquire this from different offers on your site.  Just ask for their emails and you can start generating a list.  This will take time to build up so start working on your list today.  If you don’t have any place to collect contacts then look into online services like iContact, Aweber or Constant Contact.

Next you need to decide who your typical buyer persona is.  It could be different between what your products or services are but figuring out this persona will do wonders.  While collecting your list, you will run into a lot of different personalities and you will need to segment them in order to offer them the valuable data they wish to see.  What are they interested in learning?  What questions do these personas typically have?   All of these factors will play a part in deciding which content you should share with them.  You content could include webinars, reports, case studies, fact sheets or white papers.  The reason for nurturing is to inform the customer.  So this content needs to be focused around their interests and inform them.  Last thing you need to do is push your reader to make a buying decision.  It makes it easier when you have a special offer only available to them.  Yes, we are trying to build relationships with LNCs, but at the end of the day it’s all in hopes of selling a product.  So make sure you have CTAs in your emails.

 Plan It Out

So you understand what needs to be in an email for an LNC but you need to plan it out.  Each email needs to have a specific purpose and be spaced out over a period of time.  Depending on your sales cycle, all of your campaigns may be different but a good rule of thumb is to send one every 5 days.  Its not more than a week and it’s not close enough together to annoy the reader which could lead to unsubscribes.

You need to have all of your opt-in offers in order before you start creating these emails.  Go back to your target persona and think of their biggest questions and how you can create connections between the gaps in their knowledge of your product.  You always want to start out small and build up to something big.  You want to expect they don’t have much knowledge of your product and services so you first offer should be simpler and build towards more complex ones.  This way you can keep moving them along the sales funnel closer to that purchase.  It’s like a car salesman on a lot, first he tells them of the features before he lets them take it for a ride. 

Your first email should always thank the subscribers for what they signed up for and reminds them of the opt-in offer they requested.  As you move forward to the next one, you need to offer content related to that special offer.  It could be a blog post or maybe a webinar.  Just keep informing them more about that offer.  You keep this process moving forward for the rest.  Maybe the next could be a report on the product or service.  The last email should always be a push for the reader to take action now.  Maybe offer them a special offer or introduce a free consultation.  The last step should always be a targeted action. 

The layouts of these emails are very simple.  Subject Line should spark interest and give recipients a reason to open, try to keep below 45 characters.  The email headline should get their attention and create a desire to keep reading.  The body should be short and sweet and include a call to action related to the goal of this email.  Make sure this call to action has a tracking URL in order to test your results.  If you want you could always throw in a final section which puts a reminder of why this offer is important and place another link to increase chances of them clicking.  Make sure these emails are personal and not up-tight.  You want to build a friendly relationship.     

 The last step is to analyze your results.  Let it run for a little while and she what your statistics are.  Are the emails being opened?  Are the links being clicked?  Are these potential customers taking advantage of your offer?  Once you see what is working and what isn’t working, then you need to alter your copy, CTAs or offers to try and increase the effectiveness of your LNCs.           

It’s all about getting a YES!  And most customers or clients will not say yes until they are properly informed.  That is why using LNCs can be one of the most effect tools in the inbound marketing tool bag.  But hey you don’t have to worry about this process if you have an inbound marketing agency working for you so contact us today for a free consultation and we will see if you will be a good fit for us.   

Photo Credit:  Steve Snodgrass via Flickr