Reasons You Should Outsource Your Marketing Department


outsource your marketing department team 2Why?

Here at OverGo Studio, we like to think of ourselves as our clients’ marketing department. We hear a lot of negative and positive thoughts on whether outsourcing is actually a good or bad idea. I know outsourcing can sound hard to manage and hard to keep tabs on, but when it comes to your marketing department it could be one of the best decisions you ever make.

Best for Value

You get the best value from your marketing budget by outsourcing. Want to know why? With an in-house marketing department you have hired, salaried staff that have some of the skills you need and is generally made up of one or two people, but if you outsource your marketing, you have a team working together rather than an individual or two. With a team, you have a combination of all different skills, experiences and backgrounds. Just today, I was creating a marketing plan for one of my clients and was completely stuck. I asked a coworker for help and she sent me a few great ideas for new places to advertise for my client. Sure, an in-house marketer could have thought of them, but sometimes the routine marketing techniques become so routine we forget to look outside of the box, and that’s when a team of thinkers comes in handy.

Best for Talent

So your next question is most likely “What would a marketing team actually do for me if I outsourced”? Well, we take a look at your website and then build and optimize, manage and strategize, report and improve. There’s no better benefit than having 5 heads thinking up ways to promote a business. We all have our own individual clients that we run different campaigns for. So when we strategize together, there are 5 different people with various levels and types of experiences giving their input. Plus, with outsourcing your marketing team you don’t have to worry about the additional costs of training, buying necessary software, or your marketing department taking sick days or vacations!

Best for Time

Focus on running your business while your marketing department takes care of the marketing. There’s no need to oversee everything we do. The level of hands-on involvement is up to the individual client. For example, I have a client who has me read and approve his blogs, is fairly hands off with his advanced content, and really just has me run with what I want to do for him. As his marketing department, he trusts what I have to say and what I do. This frees up a bunch of time for him and lets him focus on growing his business.

Best for Your Needs

When you hire a marketing agency, it can adapt to your particular needs. Let’s say you need your website redesigned or you want to integrate your trade show with your website, marketing agencies can quote you per project and save you money on your overall costs. You can have whatever specific marketing projects you have on your company’s plate handled easily and efficiently by an outsourced marketing department.

You Know You Should Outsource Your Marketing When...

You have a small business with little to no marketing department

When it comes to small businesses, sometimes the marketing department is mushed together with the sales department. This is inefficient and not always enough. The sales department needs to be closing the leads, they shouldn’t be going out and finding those leads as well. If you want your company to grow, you need a marketing department so that you can benefit from a lead generation campaign. You want a marketing department that will support the sales team and let them do what they need to do. In this case, outsourcing your marketing could be very beneficial.

You are only using traditional marketing tactics

If you have a marketing department limited to very little internet marketing and more traditional tactics such as direct mail marketing campaigns, billboard, television and radio ads, etc. then you need to broaden your horizons. Not that those are bad services, but if they're the only thing you're focused on then you need to mix it up. There are so many potential customers out there on the web that you could be missing out on. If your marketing department wants to focus on spending too much money on traditional tactics that aren’t bringing you the results you want, you should consider outsourcing your marketing department.

Your marketing strategy isn’t where you want it to be

Like I said earlier, one of the things we do as your marketing department is develop a marketing strategy for your business. We do extensive research, come up with buyer personas, and create customized plans that venture down every avenue there is to market online. Then, once our strategy is built, you tell us which options you’re comfortable with and want to pursue. We help you understand not only what your marketing options are, but why they’re the best options for your business and your target audience. This helps you see the big marketing picture and is another reason you should consider outsourcing your marketing department.

In conclusion, if you want to spend more time focused on growing your business, a more qualified and experienced marketing team, and a customized, unique marketing plan then outsourcing your marketing department might be the perfect option for you.

Still not convinced? Check out this flowchart from HubSpot to see if you should outsource your marketing.

Photo Credit:  kevin dooley via Flickr