5 Ways to Use Inbound Marketing In Your Strategies To Grow Business


strategy to grow businessAt the end of the day we all want more business. I’m talking enough business that we can retire early and find ourselves on some remote island with margaritas in hand. So lets talk strategy to grow business.

I have 5 ways you can use inbound marketing in your strategy to grow business.

These 5 ways focus on...

  • Website Traffic

  • Lead Captures

  • Lead Segmentation

  • Lead Nurturing

  • Lead Grading & Sales

Think about website traffic when it comes to growing your business. The first step is attracting quality visitors to your website.  How do you do that? You attack this step with blogging and paid search campaigns.  Introduce blogging into your business strategy. Blogging regularly on long tail keywords will bring quality organic searches to your website and increase traffic overtime. Also, think about implementing a paid search campaign set up around keywords that are specific to your business.

Now that you have attracted more quality visitors to your website, you need to convert them to leads. A process for capturing leads is essential in your strategy to grow business. Develop a process that makes people want to share their contact information with you.  Do this by offering something of value to your audience and place it behind a form.  Create an ebook or a webinar with information that your target audience would want to receive and offer it to them in exchange for some contact information- name, email, phone, etc.

Capturing leads is a great start to growing your business, but the real goal is to convert those leads into sales.  Start this process by segmenting your leads. Categorize your leads by a defining quality that gives you more insight into each lead.  For example, one way we segment our leads, is by asking “What best describes me” on our forms. This gives us insight on our leads that we did not have before. Being able to categorize our leads by a “marketing agency professional” vs. a “CEO/Owner Looking for more sales” allows us to have more of a quality interaction with our leads as we nurture them because we are able to provide them with information we know they have an interest in.

Lead nurturing is an inbound marketing tactic to further leads down the sales funnel. Start doing this by creating email campaigns that are specific to your segmented leads’ needs. You can talk about specific pain points, direct them to blogs you think would interest them or offer them a piece of content you think they would want.  Like I mentioned, the goal of lead nurturing is to further leads down the sales funnel and you do this by staying top of mind with emails and offering relevant content.

The most exciting part in a strategy to grow business- Sales!  Implement a lead grading system and intertwine it with your sales process. Establish a lead grading system by looking at how a lead is behaving on your website and attribute points to each behavior.  For example lets say a specific lead downloaded an ebook-50 points, Opened Emails- 40 points, Subscribed to your newsletter- 40 points, this lead would have a score of 130 points.  Its up to you to define your scoring and its up to you to set the bar for when you think a lead is ready for a sales call. Have a CRM system where u can manage your leads and their grades, then setup a process for sales qualified leads.

Inbound marketing tactics are great to have in a strategy to grow business. The methods are proven and the results speak for themselves.  When I say results, I’m referring to that early retirement... the margarita in your right hand and the cigar in your left hand with nothing but ocean and beach for miles.

Photo Credit:  Tim Hamilton via Flickr