Friday Favorite: Why Use Video Marketing Services For Your Business


video marketing services youtubeWe started creating short, fun videos for our company that promote the different services we have, various offers, and our company culture and employees. These videos are part of our Inbound Marketing Gone Wrong series and poke fun at all the different types of things that you can do wrong in the inbound process.

This Friday Favorite article explains further why we need to take video marketing services, and specifically YouTube, seriously in 2013. There are some great facts, points, and statistics in this article that will really convince you that videos are the way to go. Here’s a quick preview:

  1. YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world.
  2. Not everybody reads blogs, on YouTube you’re tapping into a possible new audience
  3. YouTube videos are shown on Google results

These are great points and really speak to why using YouTube in your inbound marketing strategy could help bring in more relevant and advanced traffic compared to just posting blogs. Not to mention it makes you stand out from competitors and gives your company a personality!

While you’re at it, take a look at our Inbound Marketing Gone Wrong series and let us know what you think of how we’re using YouTube!


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Photo Credit:  webtreats via Flickr