How To Set Awesome Goals For Your Marketing Strategy


marketing strategy smileyInbound marketing has a lot of parts to it. My job has a wide range and can be anything to creating a landing page to launching a social media campaign. But really, it doesn’t matter what task I’m doing at that moment, they always start the same way. This should be the same for most projects at any job really, but I start with a goal of what I want a project to accomplish. This may be a goal that the client specifies or a personal goal that I want to reach. For instance, I have a Twitter campaign going right now and my goal was to double the followers by the end of October.

So goals are an essential thing to have when starting projects, but I got to thinking today why exactly I made doubling the amount of followers my goal. You could come up with a goal for a number of reasons: the client asked you to, it seemed feasible, you wanted to impress the higher ups, you wanted to help your company, and the list could go on. And those are decent reasons, but are they the right ones?

Goals should be less about the client and more about the customers. I’m guilty of this myself which is why I started thinking about how to change my mentality. I believe it should be more important to sell your services or products to people because they need them not just because you want people to choose your company. I believe it’s beneficial to answer your customer’s questions, not just inform them of things. And I believe it should be more about wanting customer’s to engage with you not just contact you.

If you think about those reasons I listed before, they don’t really seem so great do they? Reasons such as: I set this goal because the customer’s need it, because it will answer their questions, or because they will want to engage with me sound like a much better foundation, right? So next time you have a project that you need to set a goal for, think about the customer more than your own personal reasons and start from there!

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