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marketing stratgegyTestimonials are a great way for you to promote your business without having to do much of anything yourself! Whether you are selling a product or promoting a service, testimonials can help out your business exponentially. Customer testimonials are unbiased comments and can be the deciding factor during a new customer’s trip through the sales cycle. If you use testimonials in any direct mail marketing campaign or on your website, you can give these potential new customers some insight that they might not have known about.

There are a few ways to display testimonials on a website: videos, text, or audio. A good way to get testimonials to display is if you create a page on your website that allows testimonial submission. This way, after you sell a product or provide a service you have a website page to direct your client’s to.

After you receive testimonials, the trick is to choose which ones work the best. The key to a good testimonial is that it provides not only recognition that the customer was satisfied but exact product or service details. People don’t want to only hear someone is satisfied, they want to hear what exactly about your company made them satisfied.

You can place the testimonials you choose in your emails, on various pages of your website, in your case studies, etc! Testimonials are a great way to reach potential customers and show off what is so great about your company! So now that you’re convinced, go ahead and create that testimonials page and start racking up some great content! 

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