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How To Analyze Your Marketing Strategy

Written by Laura Hogan on February 15, 2012

In order for the refinements in the analysis stage of your marketing strategy to have a big impact, you need to know exactly what the different parts of your marketing strategy should be analyzed the most and how to monitor progress.

In our blog post, Analyze and Refine Your Marketing Strategy, we gave you 5 steps to optimize your marketing techniques after you put them into place to make sure that they were as efficient as they could be. Now, we are going to focus on what your business should be monitoring and how to improve it.

Metrics to Analyze:

  • Website Grade: Run your website through HubSpot'sWebsite Grader and see how well it’s doing
  • Traffic: How many people are visiting your site
  • Leads: How much traffic is converting into leads
  • Customers: How many leads are converting into customers
  • Customer Acquisition: How much you are investing to draw in each new customer
  • New vs. Repeat Visitors: Both are good, but finding a good balance is ideal
  • Effectiveness by Channel: What referring sources send you the most traffic
  • Traffic by Keywords: What keywords draw in the most visitors

Now that you know what to analyze, the next question is how to do it!

  • Keywords: Try out new keywords or variations to see which ones get you found better
    keyword optimization 
  • On-Page SEO: See if changing a page title, meta description, or heading can help boost visits
  • Conversion: Test different elements on a landing page to see what improves conversions
  • Content Strategy: See what content attracts the most traffic and refine less successful content
    content marketing strategy 
  • Social Media Promotion: Assess which social media platforms are bringing the most site visitors
  • Lead Nurturing: Check the success of your emails, your  Calls-To-Action, etc

Knowing which metrics to anaylize is an important factor of the overall marketing strategy. Once you know what to analyze and how to do it, you can create a and thriving campaign.

Let’s Hear From You!

How often do you analyze your techniques? What has worked best and what hasn’t produced the results you wanted? Leave your comments below.



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