Blog Marketing: 10 Tips For Better Business Blogging


Blog MarketingBlog marketing can seem like a daunting task when you feel like you have run out of ideas. However, the Internet is full of so much content that is available to blog about for almost any business you may be in. Blogging for business is essential because every page on your website creates an entryway into your site. For every page that you create, you are also creating a chance to be found in someone’s search. Blog posts are one of the best ways to add content on a regular basis, allowing your website to be found by more people, more often.


10 questions to ask for better blogs full of better content:

1. Do Your Customers Have Questions?

If you are having trouble coming up with content to blog about, a great place to look for topics are your customer’s questions. Obviously, if you have a lot of common customer questions then a lot of your customers want to know about the same thing which makes for a great blog post. Check your emails or with the service department and generate a list of frequently asked questions. Now you have a list of several blog posts and can create one blog for every question.  

2. Do You Search Around for Different Types of Industry Information?

I’m sure there have been several occasions when you have been searching the internet and had to go to numerous different websites to gather a good amount of information regarding the industry that you’re in. A great thing to do would be to gather up that information and create one blog post. That way you have a place to refer to it and so do your customers. As always though, make sure to give credit to the websites you generated the information from.

3. Are You Bored of Writing?

When the writer’s block hits you, the next best thing is to post anything but text. Pictures that are relevant to your industry could be very interesting for your customers. Post pictures of products or services, relevant YouTube videos, statistics and graphs, or audio into a post with only small amounts of text. Limited amount of text is the perfect cure for writer’s block and also keeps your readers interested.

4. Is There Someone That May Know More Than You?

Another cure for writer’s block is to have a guest writer. Sometimes a different view on an idea you’ve posted about before from a guest writer can be very interesting. It gives your customers a chance to hear about things from another point of view and another style of writing. Or you can have your guest writer compose a blog post about something that they are knowledgeable in and you have never posted about before. Either way, it will give you a blog break and can bring in very interesting ideas into your blog.

5. Who Doesn’t Like A Simple How-To List?

Blog Marketing How To

Lists can be beneficial when you are coming up with blog posts. If you make a list of the most basic topics that have to do with your industry, you can often come up with an assortment of new post ideas. It’s simple to turn any kind of industry topic into a how-to or best-of list. After you make a list of these industry topics, you can create blog posts for each topic.

6. Have You Charted Your Information?

The internet is very chart and graphic friendly. People also love data in regards to their certain industry. Because of this, charts full of data are great for a blog post. Some of your company data needs to stay confidential, but others can be made into charts and provide your customers with valuable industry insight.

7. Are You Opinionated?

A fun thing to do in your blog occasionally is to take a stance on a big issue within your industry. Compose a blog post solely about your side of this issue. Posts with opinions often generate a lot more traffic and feedback than a traditional post.

8. How Well Do You Know Your Customers?

Looking at your website analytics can be a great way to come up with new blog posts. Analytics are useful for providing information about your customers. Information like geographic location can be found when viewing your website analytics. It’s important to take this information and create blog posts. If you know most of your customers come from a certain location, then you should take industry issues and concerns in that location and create blogs about them.

Know Your Clients

9. Do You Enjoy Reading?

It’s essential that you keep up with industry topics and in order to do that, you need to read industry books. When you keep up with current industry topics by reading these books, you can then blog about them using your own twist and implementing your own ideas. You can also create blog posts specifically as book reviews. You can indicate which kinds of your customers should read the book and how it can benefit their specific business. Reading an industry book is beneficial to your business, your blogging topics list, and your customer’s businesses.

10. Want To Be The First To Break The News?

Sometimes you can blog as if you are a reporter and create a blog about something that has recently impacted your business. Start your blog with an overview of the issue and then go into how it can affect your customers and the industry as a whole. Your customers may have heard about the issue already but it is important to always be thinking in terms of how things affect your business specifically.

Blogs are a great place to show that your company has a voice and to show your company’s personality while increasing traffic to your site. So grab your pen and paper, ask yourself these questions, and start cranking out those blogs!

Rick Kranz is a Video Marketing and Inbound Marketing Strategist. He is the President of OverGo Studio, a NY based firm specializing in Online Video Marketing and Inbound Marketing Techniques. 

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