Why Use HubSpot's Sidekick For Sales


* Sidekick is now "HubSpot Sales" as of April 2016

Read about the update here--> http://www.hubspot.com/product-updates/sidekick-is-now-hubspot-sales


This is a guest post by Rick Roberge. Rick has been a salesman for decades, but is recognized as an early adopter of tools and technology that help salespeople sell more effectively. He shares freely and has helped develop many 21st Century Sales Rock Stars. 

why-use-hubspot-sidekick-for-sales.pngA week or so ago, Rick Kranz and I were talking about our experiences with a new service called Sidekick. If you’ve ever read my articles before, you’ll know that I typically write about real life today.

As you can see below, Hubspot notified me at 10:08 this morning that Khalil had submitted his contact information on a form on my website. I replied 28 minutes later at 10:36. Notice the screen shot in my email. Those are signals from Sidekick. They signaled me that Khalil was looking at my services page as well as the Program page. Why did I share the signal? Because Khalil searched for how to make sales easier and Sidekick is one tool that can help make sales easier.

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Look at this Signal. He opened my reply 20 minutes later. See his location? See the little icon? He opened it on his cell phone. No more wondering whether he got my reply or if he opened it. How cool is that?

hubspot signals blog 7  

Next scenario: Got an email from Ross at 7:38 AM and replied 15 minutes later.

hubspot signals blog3

The signal below arrived almost immediately letting me know that he opened my reply. He’s in Ireland. See the icon? He’s on a computer.

hubspot signals blog4

Let me show you one more example.

hubspot signals blog5

Sidekick gives me the ability to search for all activity by a particular person or company. So, I did a search for Rick Kranz in my activity screen. There were three entries. Look at the top one. Yesterday, he was in North Carolina on his computer. 10 views means that this is probably an email string that culminated yesterday. If I clicked on the signal, I would see all 10 interactions.

The next signal shows that he was still on his computer in NC and he opened another string with 5 views.

Finally, the bottom signal is the oldest. 2 days ago, he used my calendar service to book a call with me.

Think about the possibilities. No more wondering if your proposal got read. No more wondering if they clicked the links that you sent in your email. You have the intelligence and you can decide how and when you want to follow up.

So, let me close with three things.

This is a screen shot of my ‘compose email’ page. See the red oval in the bottom right corner. Check or uncheck the box. You have total control over which emails you track and which you don’t and the receivers have no idea that the email is tracked.

hubspot signals blog6 

I highly recommend you get this tool for sales. Get it at www.getsidekick.com

If you’re already using Sidekick and you have a story, share it in the comments or write a blog post about it and put the link in the comments. Don’t forget to share this post on social media. If you sign up for Sidekick as a result of this post, share a thought in the comments and come back to share a success story later. Let’s make this post “Sidekick Central.”

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