Why Use HubSpot: Benefits of HubSpot’s new COS


why use hubspot COSI’ve blogged a lot about website redesigns recently, most likely because OverGo is in the middle of one and it takes up a lot of my brain and time every day. In fact during the writing of this blog post I’ll most likely be in and out of editing mode so excuse any tangents, misspellings, etc. Just kidding, I get these things edited… who do you think we are? Amateurs?

But if you’re interested in a website redesign you should consider HubSpot’s COS (content optimization system). Oh boy, just the name sounds exciting right!? Sorry, maybe that’s just the marketing nerd in me talking.

So what is COS you ask? Actually, you’re probably asking what the heck I’m even talking about in general. Well, you’re probably on Hubspot or some other marketing platform and within that platform they are using a system to organize all your content. Think of the content optimization system like a car. A car is made up of different systems like an engine, wheels and steering. The systems work together in unison to get you where you need to go. Hmmm, still confused? Let me explain further.

Basically this new COS “car”  integrates your website content “engine,” context “wheels” (where the website user is in your buying cycle, what service they’re interested in, position they have in their company, etc), and specialized “steering” so that each type of visitor on your site can have a unique journey and destination.

Context Friendly

Let’s say you’re a female consumer coming to a website to purchase a pair of jeans. The first time on this website you see all of their jean options for men and women. As you go around the website you decide to sign up for their newsletter so you can receive coupons and all the goodies from online shopping websites that we all love. When you sign up, they ask you your gender, your favorite style of jean, etc. From then on, when you go back to that website’s homepage you will only see women’s jeans in the styles that you specified you liked best. THIS my friend is the joyous unification of content and context. They know you’re a woman who likes skinny jeans so they’re going to show you female skinny jean options from the get-go. Why would they bother to show you men’s bootcut? That’s the question that HubSpot answered with their COS, and an excellent answer it sure was.

Basically, COS lets you create a different experience for every different type of person you have coming back to your website. Talk about personalization, am I right? If your website is starting to seem a little boring at this point, you might want to stop reading because it gets worse.

Mobile Friendly

In the past, having a mobile website was something you had to specifically go about setting up separate from your actual website. It could also cost you a lot more money. Have no fear! HubSpot’s COS is here and lets you create both versions at once!

Ever been to a website on your phone and just given up as the homepage took longer than 30 seconds to load even though you have 4G? Or a mobile website that is all jumbled and hard to navigate? COS makes it quick and adjustable for any mobile device or tablet. Ahhhh the benefits just keep coming.


If you’re looking into a website redesign for your business, I highly suggest looking into HubSpot’s COS. It’s personalized, it’s fast, it’s easy, and it will bring you quality leads. Coming from someone elbows deep in the system, I have zero complaints and I give it two thumbs up. So I leave you at that, back to my website redesign I go!

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Photo Credit: ShashiBellamkonda via Flickr