Best Digital Marketing Tools of 2019: The Hidden Gem Edition


To celebrate the release of our new tool, the Digital Marketing Tuner, OverGo Studio scoured the internet for some of the best digital marketing tools you might not know exist. There are a few exceptions to this rule, and we’ve noted them below.

Our list of hidden gems is a result of a lot of people’s hard work, even those outside of our agency. We tried to give a shout out to everyone who contributed below, and we even included commentary from some of the best minds in marketing!   

As you can imagine, this was a pretty big undertaking. So to add some order to our list, we’ve categorized tools into the following groupings:

Before we delve into those categories, let’s take a closer look at our inspiration for creating this list — the Digital Marketing Tuner.

Analyze and Optimize Your Online Marketing with the Digital Marketing Tuner


Digital Marketing Tuner 

We might be a little biased here, but we think the Digital Marketing Tuner is sure to be one of the best digital marketing tools of 2019. Here’s why.

The Tuner converts the raw data you already have into actionable intelligence. By analyzing a variety of key metrics, like traffic, lead capture, and growth, our tool takes a holistic look at your digital marketing efforts and offers a clear roadmap to success.

In addition to outlining steps you should take to hit your goals, it will give you free tools you can use to reach them faster! The best part is the whole process takes around a minute to complete. 

Of course, we know it’s not all about us. There are 28 other amazing tools on our list, so let’s get started.


Best Digital Marketing Tools for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO Crawler 

If there’s one thing Hook Agency’s Tim Brown knows, it’s search engine optimization. In fact, he recently published an awesome, simple but powerful checklist for on-page SEO. And what’s one of the tools he frequently uses with his clients? SEO Crawler!

seo_crawlerFor Tim, it comes down to the loaded features, which include “a rank tracker, competitor inspector, site auditor, backlink explorer, link manager, and website analytics" and more.



There are a lot of tools out there designed to perform SEO audits. You’ve probably heard of the bigger players like Moz and SEMrush. However, there are many great alternatives, and WooRank leads the pack of the lesser knowns.


This is especially true when it comes to conducting competitor research, as Csaba Zajdo tells OptiMonk readers:

"WooRank makes intelligent suggestions to help you improve the performance of your site. To achieve this, you create a project, and then work to improve your ranking and online visibility. The goals you set are typically based on improving your performance and improving performance compared to your competitors’ performance."


Categorizing Flippa on our list of best marketing tools was a bit challenging. It overlaps into many categories. However, in the end, we chose to list it under SEO. That’s because it’s integral to a quality backlinking and affiliate program, as Pat Ahem explains:

"Flippa is essential for anyone looking to leapfrog the process of building a successful affiliate site from scratch. This site serves as a bidding marketplace for individuals to buy and sell websites (think eBay for websites). Flippa allows affiliate marketers to buy sites that have a strong backlink profile to kickstart SEO growth."


Keyword Density Checker

If you don’t have a built-in SEO analyzer/optimizer, like the kind offered by all-in-one marketing platforms like HubSpot or WordPress plugins like Yoast, then the Keyword Density Checker might be for you.




According to Christine Austin of IMPACT, the Keyword Density Checker easily scans your content to verify it contains the right mix of keywords:

“Keyword Density Checker helps create a balance between the number and strength of the keywords in your message content. This tool gives you the top listed keywords in the submitted URL and tells you whether or not that keyword is in the meta description, title of the article, and correlates to an H tag on the page.”



Best Email and Lead Generation Tools for Digital Marketing


There are many tools and resources that offer on-site messages and automation, but I don’t know of anyone that does it better than OptiMonk.

OptiMonk tracks every visitor’s activity and allows you to deliver on-site messages based on just about any behavior you can think of — from exit intent to clicks to mobile triggers and beyond. This is a perfect tool for anyone who doesn’t have an integrated bot solution, and there’s no better time to sign up. OptiMonk is currently offering a two-week free trial.

Email Subject Line Tester

Well-written email subject lines can have an immense impact on clicks and open rates. However, in most cases, marketers can't analyze their effectiveness until after they've sent an email (and maybe A/B tested some different options).

So, the Email Subject Line Tester from CoSchedule is great because it suggests ways to improve your subject lines before you hit send. It's also free and easy to use.



Email marketing consistently delivers a high ROI for savvy marketers, but without a quality email list, you’re not going to get very far. That’s where CreateForm comes in. The platform allows you to easily create beautiful forms and analyze the data. CreateForm’s ease of use is the primary reason it made Lane Harbin’s list of top digital marketing tools:




"Use CreateForm to make a simple form for your website, so when customers visit your site they can join your list hassle-free. It’s a great “set it and forget it” feature that will grow your email list with little-to-no-work".


When you’re looking for cutting edge tools that deliver results, you can always count on SmartBug Media’s Ryan Malone. One of his go-to resources these days is Sigster, a tool that bills itself as the leader in email signature marketing.

According to Ryan, the company might be right:  

“We love this because it taps into existing email channels with segmented messaging. Signatures are a secret weapon for getting messages out to your customer base company-wide with little effort. Great product roadmap as well.”


Sales Fracking™ Buyer Intent Data

Billed as “the missing link in digital marketing lead generation,” Sales Fracking™ is a revolutionary lead generation tool designed by a leading Johns Hopkins Data Scientist. After a user identifies features of their ideal prospect, Sales Fracking gets to work scouring user behavior across the internet.

When a prospect engages in a defined behavior — even if it occurs on a competitor’s site — your business will be alerted. Each week, users receive a customized .csv file that includes the prospect’s name, company, email address, phone number, and details about what they did!


Elastic Email

When you look at what you get with Elastic Email, it’s easy to see why this free email marketing software is one of the highest-rated tools in the market. After all, what other program allows users to send 150,000 emails a month for free.

elastic_emailPerformance isn’t the only area where the software receives praise, as Levi Olmstead from G2 Crowd explains:

“The email marketing platform has above-average user scores in every (that’s right every) category. Unlike Mailchimp, Elastic Email has one of the highest quality of support ratings at 97 percent (category average: 88 percent)."



By now, you’ve probably heard of Jamie Turner, author, speaker, and CEO of So when he recommended OutreachPlus, we took notice. OP helps users by “automating the process of sending and tracking highly-personalized emails to generate more traffic, leads, and PR.” You can discover more at Outreach Plus’ official site, which also features an endorsement from SEO guru Neil Patel.






Think MailChimp is the only mass emailing platform out there? Think again! EmailOctopus has helped more than 250,000 organizations send 4.5 billion emails, and the Amazon partner is just getting started!



We first found out about the tool from Matthew Guay of Zapier (another of our Best Marketing Tools of 2019), who tells readers why EmailOctopus made his list of best free email marketing tools:

"EmailOctopus lets you send thousands of emails a month for free—and more for low fees—by using Amazon SES to send your emails. You'll manage your email lists, design your messages, and track stats in EmailOctopus. It then will use your Amazon SES account to send your emails."


Followup Edge

If you’re struggling when it comes to following up with your leads, then Followup Edge is for you! This tool boasts some amazing stats — like a 3x improvement in client retention rates, as well as a customer base of 800+ agencies.

But, how does it work?

Once you set up a campaign, you can then automate a follow up with multiple touchpoints. Unlike traditional workflows which rely on email alone, Followup Edge allows you to contact your prospects via three channels: email, text message, and voicemail.


List Builder

Building up a quality email list can be hard, but List Builder helps! Before users exit your site, they are encouraged to sign up for your mailing list — significantly increasing your opt-ins. The best part is it comes with a free 14-day trial.




While there were many reasons this tool landed on Mopinion's list of best email marketing resources, functionality and customization options were among the most important:

"List Builder is an email marketing tool that helps you build up your mailing lists. It captures (engaged) visitors right before they are about to leave with pops that are triggered by clicks and timers. It is a very easy tool to use as it has a drag-and-drop functionality and features that can be customized to your brand."


Seventh Sense

If you’re using Marketo or HubSpot for your digital marketing efforts, then you need Seventh Sense. By analyzing past performance data, Seventh Sense automatically delivers email to every recipient when they are most likely to engage with them.

This brings about other benefits you might not immediately think about.

For example, throttling email sends doesn’t just improve deliverability and engagement, it also helps ease the burden on your sales team. With email send times varying, and even the ability to pause campaigns, you can ensure that your salespeople and/or customer support isn’t overwhelmed. Additionally, contacting your audience at a time that’s convenient for them leads to higher conversion rates and happier customers.



Best Social Media and Advertising Tools for Digital Marketing

Meet Edgar

If you don’t have an automated marketing tool that manages social media (like HubSpot does), then Meet Edgar may be for you. We first discovered this resource from Mandy McEwen, founder and CEO of Mod Girl Marketing.




Earlier this year, McEwan named the resource one of the best digital marketing tools for evergreen content. The ability to categorize and schedule posts across a variety of social networks was pivotal to her decision:

"Add tweets, LinkedIn updates, and Facebook posts to your ‘library,’ separated into as many categories as you want. Then set a calendar to schedule each category to post to a selected social media account at a specified time."



Curious as to what your competitors are up to when it comes to running online ads? Then you need Adbeat. Founded in 2010 by veteran advertiser Mike Colella, who collaborated with a small team of MIT data scientists, Adbeat gives businesses a peek into their competitor's advertising and marketing strategies.




We first found out about this tool from Jamie Pitman, who praised the service’s ability to hone in on what’s working for a given company:

“With Adbeat you can see your competitor’s advertising and marketing strategy, and identify their best converting ad copy, landing pages and sales funnels. You can then take the successful ideas and create your own, more profitable ad campaign.”



When it comes to analyzing social engagement, SharedCount is a great tool for marketing agencies, freelancers, and organizations. Basically, it’s good for anyone who’s looking to gauge the social engagement of a given post or site.



This is one area where the tool really shines, according to Paul Schmidt of SmartBug Media:

"SharedCount allows you to enter in a list of URLs from a domain and see the # of social engagement each URL received.  This tool is also helpful if you are reporting on your own social media efforts across your client’s site. On a monthly basis, show the client, which new blog articles or eBook landing pages received the most interaction across social.”


Social Mention

Another great tool for analyzing social media is Social Mention. While the resource leaves something to be desired in the way of aesthetics, it more than makes up for it in functionality.



Pragati Basu of Talkwalker elaborates:

"Social Mention is a tool which helps you easily keep track of your brand online. It’s quite a basic tool — yet functional. All you have to do is enter your search term in the search box and hit enter. And you’ll see all the results from the internet. What we find particularly useful is the ‘trends’ feature which tells you what topics are currently trending on the internet. They used to have an ‘alerts’ feature too but it’s currently unavailable."



If you’re looking to generate high-quality leads, NetLine is a great place to start. Founded in 1994, this tool boasts of processing nearly one million new leads a month for clients. This makes it the largest B2B content syndication lead generation network on the planet.


With clients ranging from Salesforce to Symantec, there’s no wonder why NetLine made Will Chou’s list of the best B2B marketing tools you need to try:

"NetLine is our secret weapon and the king of B2B lead generation tools. It is a content syndication lead generation network made specifically for B2B marketers. NetLine is great for providing quality leads and it operates on a pay-by-quality-of-leads model. The nice part is that even niche industries can get leads. All lead volume is guaranteed and you know the full cost upfront."



Best Video, Image Editing, and Interactive Tools for Digital Marketing

Owl Labs

Ever heard of Owl Labs? Probably not. Owl Labs is the maker of the Meeting Owl -- a smart, 360° video conferencing device made to improve remote work. The Meeting Owl takes care of your video, microphone, and speaker needs for any conference room. During your video conference, it shows a panoramic view of the room and has a stage that auto-adjusts to up to 3 active speakers, giving remote participants a far superior experience than traditional above-the-TV webcams.

Rather than seeing a bad TV-version of a meeting, the Meeting Owl allows remote folks to see body language, facial expressions, and other nonverbal queues that are essential to team communication. The result is a more inclusive, collaborative meeting experiences no matter where your teammates or coworkers are located.

Ultimately, the Meeting Owl helps make location irrelevant to effective collaboration, so it's an ideal tool for any team working from different locations.

There are many reasons why Rachel Cogar Yeakley is one of the nation’s leading experts in sustainable business strategy, but one of the most significant is her knack for working smarter and not harder. So, it’s no surprise I first heard of from her. allows you to quickly and easily remove the background of any photo — though it works best for images featuring humans — with just one click. Though it also performed pretty well when it came to isolating Philly icon, Gritty.


Looking for a video editor that doesn’t require a degree in graphic design? Then chances are Animoto might be right for you. Their service helps companies quickly and effectively turn slideshows and images into videos.



The service’s ease of use is one of the reasons why they landed on Gessell Wolitski’s list, Top 5 Tools of 2018 to Rock Your Digital Strategy:

"Animoto is a remarkably simple drag-and-drop video editor for quick, stylish content. [It] comes with a host of templates but allows the user to create their own as well. Customization is also easy, with a large library of images, fonts, and music to choose from. Animoto does not require any previous experience, making the service perfect for the marketer looking to create engaging content for social media without hiring an outside contractor."



This tool is the only industry-specific one on our list, and we wouldn’t have discovered it if it wasn’t for the FlippingBook’s blog, Top 10 Real Estate Marketing Tools for 2018.


We love this innovative tool almost as much as author Anna Konovalova:

“[Matterport] allows you to create virtual tours easily – from photos to floor plans in 3D and VR. This 3D media platform also helps navigate, modify, and share interactive 3D and virtual reality spaces for multiple industries.”



If a picture can paint a thousand words, then ScribbleLive is worth...I don’t, a billion words? They create visually stunning and interactive content designed to attract, convert, and retain.


We first heard about this from one of our favorite digital strategists, Shane Barker. According to Shane, this is a go-to resource for anyone who’s serious about connecting with their audience:

"Scribble Live’s data science technology helps users create quality content. It helps businesses manage the entire content lifecycle from planning, creating, and distributing content to measuring its impact."



For quite some time now, video has been the preferred medium for advertising. But did you know it’s equally effective for mobile apps? Apptamin is more of a video agency than a tool, per se.

However, they’ve cornered the market in creating compelling video content for app install ads. If you’ve seen ads on your favorite video game or app, chances are Sylvain Gauchet and his team at Apptamin designed it. For this reason, they make our list of best marketing tools.



SnapApp is another great tool that could fit into a number of categories on our list. However, we think it makes the most sense in the “interactive” section. Here’s why.

It offers a content creation platform that lets marketers ask prospects questions from within existing marketing content and programs. This allows an organization to quickly and easily gather intelligence designed to qualify or disqualify leads before they reach your sales department. 

SnapApp offers support for a wide range of interactive tools, including calculators, assessments & personality tests, polls & surveys, interactive graphics, knowledge tests & quizzes, interactive whitepapers, and more.


Best Digital Marketing Tools for Automation, Integration, and Reporting 


When it comes convenient reporting options, there’s no one better than Databox. This is one tool our agency uses with nearly every client. That’s because it makes reporting a breeze. Every important KPI can be accessed in one aesthetically pleasing dashboard.


Just a few of the 65+ integrations include HubSpot, Salesforce, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Zapier, Twitter, Facebook Ads, and more. Another great feature is that the tool allows you to set measurable goals and then track your progress towards reaching it.



Considering it’s one of the biggest names in integration and automation, you might be wondering why Zapier is on our list. We had to include it because of the pivotal role it plays with so many of the lesser known tools on the list. Without this platform, many of these resources wouldn’t work.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Zapier allows users to easily create workflows from a wide range of apps. Additionally, it allows users to integrate two or more apps when there is no native ability to do so.



Looking for custom software integration? If you can’t find the solution you’re looking for on Zapier, then Automate might be for you. Seth Epstein of Hook Agency speaks about Automate’s flexibility:

"Automate is focused on being more Small Business Owner than Programmer-friendly versus Zapier. It’s a great solution to automate tasks, especially as a solution for integrations between softwares that they don’t offer out of the box."




Here’s another tool you’ve likely heard of, but it warranted inclusion in our article. HubSpot is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform that’s dominated the inbound marketing scene. You can send mass emails, tracker user behavior, create and manage landing pages, forms, CTAs, and more.

If you haven’t checked out the platform yet, we recommend giving it a test drive. Most of their products are free to start, and you can upgrade your plan and increase functionality as your business grows.

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