More In Depth Business Blogs Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

by Kelly Kranz on August 21, 2014


We like to consume content easily and quickly- we are busy people and we have things to do. We scan, we digest (hopefully) then we click elsewhere and (hopefully) retain a snippet of what we just glanced over. I don’t know about you but the easy and quick route is not my favorite stroll to take. If I am going to engage with your content it is because I am trying to learn about something, I’m looking to gain some insight and expertise on a subject matter. If blog articles are written to be short and sweet I’m not going to get what I came for...which is knowledge. I’m going to go else where and learn from them, instead of you,  because their articles are in depth step-by-step guides that tell me how to get from A to Z.

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Being a Thought Leader is More Important Than Pumping Out Marketing Content

by Kelly Kranz on August 07, 2014

The phrase “Pumping out Content” just sounds awful doesn’t it?  I picture some drab assembly line with glazed over workers producing the same content over and over again, just slapping on a new label.  Nothing about it sounds original. Now being a thought leader... that is 100% original. So while you should be ‘pumping out content’ (ugh) it needs to be mindful content. Content that serves the bigger goal of positioning you/your company as a thought leader to your audience.

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Seduce Readers and Customers With These Blogging Tips

by Kelly Kranz on August 05, 2014

Ohh the art of seduction. If you didn’t know, seduction is the process of deliberately enticing a person. Yes there are some naughty aspects to the definition as well but I’m going to keep this PG. You can entice your readers and customers with a compelling blog.  By captivating your audience you keep them coming back for more.  Much like seducing your partner, you can seduce your audience with a well written blog.  Lets take a look at some seductive blogging tips shall we?

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4 Signs You Need To Repair Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

by Kelly Kranz on July 30, 2014

Like all things in life, your inbound strategy can use some repair from time to time. Usually when we say something needs repairing it is clearly implied that this something is broken. Can your inbound marketing break? Well, yes it can. As your lead database and content library grow so should your strategy because odds are you are missing marketing opportunities.  These natural gaps that come with inbound growth are what can use some repairing.  Below are 5 signs that you need to bring out the tools and fix up your strategy.

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What To Do With Spam Comments In Your Blogging For Business Strategy

by Kelly Kranz on July 24, 2014

Spam comes in all shapes and sizes (and even food-bleh). It’s been around for what seems like centuries, and it probably has been. I could imagine back in the day that some ravens delivering messages to neighboring kingdoms delivered a piece of spam or two.  And if you are blogging for business you know how spam can hit you there. Comments! And the more popular your blog becomes the more spam you will get.  So how do you control this?

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