How To Handle Negative Online Reviews

by Kelly Kranz on September 17, 2015


Ah, those pesky negative reviews. What’s a business owner to do? You work so hard to please customers, and you think you’re doing everything right. Then you check in with one of your online review sites and there it is: a bad review. Ouch!

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Critiquing Your Site to Make Sure it’s Inbound Marketing Ready

by Kelly Kranz on September 12, 2014

Inbound websites need to be structured a specific way. Inbound marketing is a science and that science needs to be applied to your entire website. It’s a big picture kind of thing. You want your website to engage with users like the kind of engagement they would have if they set their foot into a neighborhood store. You want to address their interests, their pain points and provide them with solutions. Your website needs to take visitors through their own personal buyers journey.

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Structuring Your Company Around Employees' Strengths To Increase Sales

by Kelly Kranz on September 04, 2014

The business structure is typically in place for most companies. If a position becomes available, you publish a job posting to fill that position.  Next you interview a bunch of candidates to see who would fit that role best. This is how it has always worked. And within most structures these days there is not a lot of room to climb the ladder like there was back in the day.

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How To Fight Inbound Marketing Trends and Do What Works

by Kelly Kranz on August 28, 2014

Marketing best practices and tools are constantly changing and evolving so put your dukes up and be prepared to fight off those crappy trends that won’t work for your company. What’s that saying.... “well if they all jumped off a bridge would you do that too?!” Since marketing practices are constantly changing and new things are popping up here and there... by the time you notice a “trend” it is already too late. It happened and you missed it. Yet you may choose to implement the trend instead of focusing on the bigger picture --what is best for your company.

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How To Tell If Your Premium Content Is Purposeful

by Kelly Kranz on August 21, 2014

If you are creating content in your marketing strategy it should fall into some kind of bucket of purpose. When a writer sets out to write a novel they do it with purpose. The book is well thought out before the ink even hits the pages. They think about the story they have to tell and the best way to tell it to their audience. Will their audience identify with the characters? Will they feel the emotion/inspiration come off the pages? Sometimes their concepts and ideas turn into an amazing series of books that you can’t put down. Their writing serves the purpose of entertaining their audience and transporting them from the confines of their chair to the descriptive scenario on the page.

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