Why Optimizing SEO Is An Ongoing Process

by Chase Hamilton on June 12, 2014

Why should optimizing your search engine ranking be an ongoing process? It’s really a no brainer, especially when you break down exactly what you are doing during an SEO process. Think about it. Let’s first look at search engines.

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5 Tips For Better Conversion Rate Optimization

by Chase Hamilton on June 03, 2014

In the world of inbound marketing, conversion rates are a very important ingredient. Just like a great chef working to perfect his recipe at every step, a great inbound marketer has to optimize every single piece of the puzzle. This includes conversion rates. Many different types of conversion rates exist but we are optimizing them all for the same end goal, converting people into customers.

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5 Uses For LinkedIn In Your Marketing Strategy

by Chase Hamilton on May 29, 2014

A good marketer knows that any successful marketing strategy is not complete without a well-conceived social media plan. A great marketer knows, in depth, the interworking of every social media platform. A great marketer knows exactly how to use social media, why they are using it, and how to be a marketing master on each platform. LinkedIn is one of those platforms and it’s been noted as the “professional” social media platform. LinkedIn has over 250 million users and it’s considered one of the “big four” in terms of social media market share.

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Wistia Versus YouTube: Pros and Cons of These Video Platforms

by Chase Hamilton on May 22, 2014

Video marketing, another section of content marketing that brings your marketing strategy power. As we dwell into the world of content marketing through the video medium, we learn that there are several different reasons why we develop a video in the first place. In turn, this presupposes that there is some type of strategy that is connected with the video we have produced.

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SEO Myths Busted: Keywords Need To Be An Exact Match

by Chase Hamilton on May 15, 2014

It’s a lie! It’s a myth! What you ask? Keywords needing to be an exact match, that’s what. This one hint should have keyed us all in on this myth: there are four different types of keyword matches. That means that there are four different ways to use keywords that will get you results on search engines.

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