7 Ways A CRM Can Help Reduce Costs For Your Business


Are you still printing documents and piling them up in a file folder, or sending an email with the attached copy of what's been written on paper? Why not move to a CRM software? Using a CRM can help move into a digital workstyle! A recent study shows that 58% of offices across Europe store some kind of record-keeping material on-site rather than using a digital system; 2% have no structured way whatsoever to store customer communications. 

Paper is no longer king. We are living in a digital age, and paper records will soon be just another thing we can do without! It takes too much time to manage your company's paperwork stack when you need to place your immediate attention elsewhere. 

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A CRM provides: 

  • Improved business processes through faster access to and retrieval of information.
  • Better-informed decision-making through quicker access to all of the right information.
  • Better service delivery because relevant information can be located easily.
  • Less staff time spent looking for information.
  • Lower compliance costs and enhanced ability to provide accurate, timely, and transparent responses
  • Cost savings from less creation, storage, retrieval, and handling of paper records

Let’s look at seven ways implementing a CRM can help your business reduce costs.

1. Task Management 

When you have a lot on the agenda, it is impossible to do everything at once. Take some time and figure out where your priorities should lie first so that there's room left over for urgent or unexpected tasks. 

Also, having a task management system like Jira can really help with visualizing priorities, work management, and completing big projects more efficiently. 

2. Log Everything

You need to take care of your database. It's a good tool, but if you don't use it regularly or update it with all information then what was once an efficient resource will become outdated quickly.

3. Share Electronically 

Save time and keep your documents safe with a CRM system. You can store all the information from one place, whether it's an email or not so that you never have to worry about losing anything important again!

It is recommended that you use an external project room like Google Docs, in order to share information between managers on projects they are working on together. This helps them stay organized while completing their tasks more efficiently. 

4. Use Templates

Do you know how much time it takes to make individual templates for sales offers, advertising, and marketing materials? You can create a library of these in an electronically available form that can be shared among employees. Rather than having each person recreate what's needed on their own or inventing new ones every day. This saves everyone’s valuable resource--time is one thing we don't have enough of!

5. Reporting 

With today's fast-paced world, chances are you spend an hour every day putting together that spreadsheet with the latest sales figures. Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to make this process faster and easier? With CRM systems like HubSpot or Salesforce, your data is all in one place so you don't need to spend countless hours sifting through different sources for just 1 month’s worth of numbers. They just automatically update themselves! You can also take out standard reports which means less time spent looking at spreadsheets and more focus on what matters most, results!

6. Contact Information 

Have you ever used a search engine to find a company's contact information or visited the website of any business, only for it not to have an active directory? When there is no way for employees in an organization to get accurate and up-to-date data on who they need to talk with quickly then your business becomes inefficient and it's just frustrating to employees. 

In order to make sure that everything is in one place and easy, you will need to implement a CRM system. A CRM like HubSpot will collect all of the necessary information you need on hand. This way there's no need to search around when trying to figure out what data we have about someone or where it's located- it can easily be accessed through this central location!

7. Mailing Lists

You’re probably thinking that you need to buy lists from external suppliers, but I would recommend building your own prospect list. This will result in better-qualified leads and at a lower cost in the long run!

If you want to be successful in email marketing, it is crucial that your contact information is up-to-date and accurate. Create sign-ups and more call-to-actions on your website to encourage visits to complete a form. Adding these conversions to your CRM database will allow them to be easily selected later when mailings need to be sent out!

CRM Implementation

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