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social-media-strategy-linkedin-why-howA good marketer knows that any successful marketing strategy is not complete without a well-conceived social media plan. A great marketer knows, in depth, the interworking of every social media platform. A great marketer knows exactly how to use social media, why they are using it, and how to be a marketing master on each platform. LinkedIn is one of those platforms and it’s been noted as the “professional” social media platform. LinkedIn has over 250 million users and it’s considered one of the “big four” in terms of social media market share.

There are several ways a great marketer can utilize LinkedIn for marketing purposes.

  • Provides sponsored updates so you can get your content and advertisements right in front of your target audience.
  • Allows targeted organic posts aside from the targeting included in promoted posts.
  • Has a powerful group feature that allows you and others to join or form groups to discuss topics and tactics.
  • Provides targeted social reach through many of its features .
  • Considered the network for professionals, and when you’re a business looking to fill a position, LinkedIn is a great platform to look for employees to hire.

Sponsored Updates

LinkedIn sponsored updates allow you to raise your company’s brand awareness. Awareness is a big influence on the purchasing decision of a potential buyer. If they are aware of your brand and its reputation before meeting with the sales team, a sale would be better facilitated. LinkedIn allows ads in text only, text/image, and video advertising formats. They offer very precise targeting for sponsored updates where your ad can be placed in front of people who have specific job titles, specific industries, even specific company sizes. You can even set your own budget. You can pay by clicks or impressions that your advertisements receive, so you only pay for results. You can stop your ads at any time with no contracts or commitments.

More Targeted Organic Posts

Everyone can go on LinkedIn and post whatever they may choose at any time, but once you click share you’ll noticed that it is targeted to all followers. If you have, or are developing, a large follower base of many different people. You can target your organic posts similar to sponsored posts. You just don’t have to pay to do so because you are only reaching out to people who are already following you. This is great for marketers if you have offers for many different job titles. For example, you could have 2 eBooks, one targeted at CMOs and one is targeted at CEOs. You don’t want to sponsor these posts but you don’t want your entire follower base to see a post that is meant for one specific job title. You can use targeted organic posts to get your content in front of the right section of your follower base.


LinkedIn has Groups around topics that you’re interested in. Some of these groups are private though and will require you to request admission based on certain criteria. Otherwise, you have the option to create a fresh, new group revolving around topics already being discussed or a group topic that has not yet been brought to light. These tools can be used as a potential online focus group or a great place for like-mind marketers to share success stories and useful strategies/tactics.

Targeted Social Reach

This is not a direct incentive that LinkedIn offers but from its other abundant features it drives this bonus. From all your efforts of posting, promoting, and “grouping” on LinkedIn, you have exposed yourself to and connected with plenty of people who are looking to do what you do, buy what you have, or read what you share. You have just expanded your social reach in a smart way. You have not just gained a following of masses where people just click follow and never return to your page again, you have created a loyal social reach of followers that continually engage in the efforts you make.

Hiring Professionals

Finally, LinkedIn is a great way to hire professionals seeing as it is the professional network and many people use LinkedIn as an online resume. For us marketers, sometimes we need the help of others and we want professional work done. For example, every online marketer is familiar with call-to-actions and they know successful ones are created professional graphic artists. Let’s say you don’t have a graphic artist and you need one quick. Turn to LinkedIn. They have plenty of them waiting for you to hire and they even display their work on their profiles. Maybe you don’t need a graphic artists, but a social media specialist or an account manager, whatever the title, LinkedIn has options.

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