3 Quick Tips about HubSpot Social Media Inbox Tool


hubspot-social-media-tools-3Simply put, there is no better way to do inbound marketing other than to use HubSpot. There is no end to the power of your marketing strategies when it comes to HubSpot, especially the power of their social media inbox tool.  The HubSpot social media inbox tool monitors your social media efforts, publishes scheduled content, tracks the reach your social media accounts have earned, and allows indizvidual settings for all of the individual social media accounts you choose to connect.  

Social media is huge for online marketing and should be utilized to the fullest extent. Engaging in any inbound marketing strategy without considering, approaching and implementing social media into your strategy is a big mistake. Therefore, in order to tap into the strength and power that the social media tool has to offer, I’m going to give you 3 quick tips about how to use this HubSpot tool effectively.

Monitor Your Twitter!

The monitoring section of the HubSpot social tool allows you to create a stream which funnels social information from Twitter into one clean, ever-flowing stream. Talking about convenience, this takes the cake. You can control what your stream displays. If you want to see all the tweets that you sent out, this tool has that. If you want to see all of the Twitter mentions you receive, this tool has that. Maybe you want to know the number of retweets or your entire tweeting timeline, this tool also has that. I’m starting to wonder what this tool doesn’t have, because it’s not missing much.

With all of this tracking data, you can really crack down on a good strategy for marketing through Twitter. You are able to see all the interactions that your tweets receive and what time those interactions occur. You can then look at trends to see what time is the best time for you to tweet, where you will get the most interactions. The best times and the best days to post content to Twitter based upon your own efforts.

Scheduled Publishing!

Create your very own social media publishing schedule and then be able to view your entire social publishes in one stream. You can even filter by social media mediums and campaigns. Viewing just Facebook, or just LinkedIn, publishes is extremely useful and also helps you determine what days and what times are best for you to post to selected social media mediums. Furthermore, for campaigns, you can see which tweets, Facebook posts, and LinkedIn shares you have published under a certain campaign you have created.

Determining performance data takes time though, and if you are just starting to use this tool I have found some information that will really help you start out determining optimal days and times to share through social media. Even further, you can use this tool to schedule content sharing on every social media account you connect through HubSpot; hours, days, or weeks in advance.

Based on your data that you gather through watching the performance of your published efforts and using the information I provided above, you can publish content at optimal times in advance so you can go about the rest of your week with peace of mind that your social media efforts are top-notch performers.

Extend Your Reach!

A good tip for the use of your social reach tool is to set goals for your social media efforts based on past performance. Set growth percentages for monthly averages, displaying exactly how many followers, connections, and friends you want to gain this month or over several months. You can then track these growth goals you set in place in the social reach tool. Extending your reach is achieved through optimizing your social media efforts to receive the most interactions. Constant, consistent, content publishing is a important part of this process as well. Always remember to keep in mind, content is king!

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