3 Good Reasons to Outsource Your Marketing



Your business is an intricate engine with hundreds of moving parts. These parts need to keep running smoothly to expect any kind of business growth. For the sake of these moving parts, marketing tends to be thrown by the wayside. It’s more important to keep these parts moving to establish growth, but without a strong marketing plan, growth may become minuscule. The problem becomes quite the conundrum. You have to make sure your business is running correctly in order to grow, which leaves very little time for you to focus on marketing. This actually helps your business grow! And can lead you to the thought “should I outsource my marketing?” Lets take a look at the 3 reasons to outsource your marketing.


Knowledge is the key to success. It doesn’t matter if you have a 1 man marketing team or a group of marketers, your knowledge is still limited. Every marketing team has their kryptonite and by outsourcing your marketing efforts, you can find the antidote to this kryptonite. Most marketing agencies build their company around the strengths of their employees, while also hiring to strengthen other areas. Most likely you don’t have the resources to build the perfect team, but a marketing agency does. While you are focusing on your business processes, a marketing agency is focusing solely on their marketing processes and how to improve them. In order for you to keep up with the best marketing tactics, you must spend copious amounts of time to stay a breadth in marketing knowledge. So most internal marketing teams will end up having weak links in their marketing knowledge.  Do you have the money and time to keep your marketing team this up to date on every marketing tactic? We think not, which leads us to our next reason- Expense.


It is very expensive to keep a full-time marketing team on staff. And unless you are a Fortune 500 company, it just isn’t reasonable to keep that many marketers on your payroll. You will end up paying for their education, their learning curve and then finally their execution. Why not just pay for the execution? With a marketing agency that’s what you get. These companies already have the internal processes in place to keep their employees knowledgeable and their execution timely. This helps keep your expenses down because your only paying for execution. What you pay for 1 in-house novice marketer may end up being the same as a full team of outsourced experienced marketers. And the results you receive from a team of marketers versus 1 marketer will also show in your ROI.

Marketing is a dynamic environment, especially the digital side. Keeping up with new tactics is paramount to improving your marketing team. This means you will need to train your employees on these new ideas. Do you have the time and money to do this? What about when one of your most knowledgeable employee leaves for another company? Do you have the time and money to hire somebody to replace them while also paying for their training and waiting for them to get up to speed? Most companies do not and this is a very expensive process. Having an agency in place helps you avoid all of these problems.


When it comes down to it, the end goal of most companies is growing the company to newer heights with bigger bottom lines. It’s all about the money and during these high growth phases, it is usually faster and cheaper to outsource newly acquired processes. This goes back to managing your intricate engine with hundreds of moving parts. You need to focus on the business operations and how they will scale to meet new demands instead of how your marketing department will scale with your business. Lucky for you, the right marketing agency can scale to meet your demands by a simple change in contract. They already have the employees and knowledge in place to help push you to the next level and it may be as easy as a flip of the switch to start. For you it may mean going through a whole new hiring process or training process to get your team up to par and even then they won’t be able to reach the level of an outsourced marketing team.


Let’s face it, you want to grow your company and improve your revenue. That’s what owning a business boils down to. And an outsourced marketing agency can help you reach your goals. Stop paying for the unnecessary costs that result from internal marketing departments. Start using that money to re-invest into your company to spur growth while hiring a marketing team with the knowledge to be a catalyst for that growth.   

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