How Video Marketing Can Grow Your Business

by Rick Kranz on September 23, 2016

Video has been growing in importance as a marketing tool for the past few years.

The time people spend – not just Millenials – watching online video continues to grow. Time spent watching video has now surpassed time spent on social media. It's predicted that mobile video traffic will grow by 55 percent each year until 2020.

Whatever device your target market prefers, you need to start offering video content to gain and hold their attention. Here are some different ways video marketing will grow your business.

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How To Improve Your HubSpot Dashboard With Databox

by Rick Kranz on September 16, 2016

Have you ever been frustrated with the HubSpot dashboard?  I have. When you login the dashboard shows you this month to date vs. last month to date stats on visits, contacts, and customers.  

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Video Ads Coming to Facebook Live Streaming

by Rick Kranz on September 06, 2016

Facebook rolled out its live stream function, Facebook Live, last summer.

Now that individuals and commercial publishers have had a chance to get a feel for it, they and Facebook are looking for ways to monetize it.

Here come the Facebook live streaming video ads.

Makes sense. YouTube has been doing it for ever. Both digital video ad revenue and social media ad revenue are booming, including strong growth of mobile video watching and video ads. If any existing platform could compete with YouTube for video eyeballs, it's Facebook.

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Facebook Clickbait Posts Are Getting The Boot!

by Rick Kranz on September 02, 2016

Facebook is back fighting the war against clickbait. Everyone hates clickbait, but we can't stay away.  

There's a lot of psychobabble that explains why we click on these manipulative bits, even when we don't want to. But these cheap headlines make a mess of our New Feeds. Worse – they make it harder for quality content from businesses to get noticed in organic and paid listings

That's why Facebook's newest action to punish clickbait-mongers is great news for users and publishers of quality content. Social media best practice means publishing content that entertains and educates. Not to distract and interrupt with false headlines only intended to make money on clicks, not provide value to the reader.

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Generate Sales Ready Leads For Less $$ Using HubSpot and Facebook Ads

by Rick Kranz on August 08, 2016

Here is an awesome recipe we have concocted to help you capture sales ready leads for less money. The recipe is one part Buyers Journey, one part HubSpot, and one part Facebook Advertising. Mix it all together and you get a lead generation cocktail. This particular recipe has lowered our client's lead acquisition costs by 60%.

Before I layout the recipe let me give you a brief overview of what we are creating here. We are building a system that drips your content offsite to your prospects at appropriate intervals while they are considering purchasing from you or one of your competitors. We do this without using email. 

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