How To Analyze Your Marketing Strategy: A CEO's Guide

Posted by Laura Hogan on August 20, 2014

You might look at your marketing team one day and think… what am I paying you for exactly? Sure, they’re bringing in traffic to your site, but are these people staying? Sure, they’re bringing in leads for your sales team but are they quality? So when the time comes where you want to dig in to your marketing strategy and see if it’s working, here’s some tips.

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Why Inbound Marketing Services Are Great For Original Manufacturers

Posted by Cody Goolsby on August 19, 2014

There is no doubt about it, the B2B game has changed. As our digital world has evolved, so has the way of business. Businesses are moving away from the old researching tactics and moving it online. So why is inbound marketing great for original manufacturers? Well it seems pretty obvious, if your distributors are looking online, wouldn’t you want to be there advertising?

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HubSpot Marketing Checkup Insider’s Tip: A Tour of The Dashboard

Posted by Alisa Meredith on August 18, 2014

Last month, I took a deep dive into the ways CEOs can track their marketing progress using HubSpot. I want to level with you though. As great as the notifications, reports, and alert are, my favorite way to see what's going on is to visit the dashboard.

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5 Inbound Marketing Tactics to Generate Leads For Your Business

Posted by Ben Brannaman on August 13, 2014


Inbound marketing is a dynamic and constantly evolving process. This makes it hard to nail down a set of comprehensive inbound marketing techniques. With constant changes to search engine algorithms, social media, and industry trends there is no golden rule for inbound marketing. This might sound discouraging, but there is good news. 

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Problems Inbound Marketing Can Solve for Media Companies

Posted by Laura Hogan on August 12, 2014

If you’re a media company looking to use inbound marketing services, this is the article for you. I want to address some problems and solutions that you might have as a media company and how inbound marketing can work for you.

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How to Measure the ROI of Your Social Media Marketing

Posted by Alisa Meredith on August 11, 2014

“What's the ROI of your mother?” Ah yes, the famous "You can't measure the ROI of social media" answer from Gary Vaynerchuk.

It is appealing to believe this. If it's true, you don't need to answer to anyone for your success or lack thereof, on social media. But, we think this is a smokescreen and a lazy answer to the question, "How do I know if my social media marketing is working?"

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Why You Should Quit The Jargon And Write For Your Customers

Posted by Laura Hogan on August 07, 2014

Jargon is hard to avoid in the world of content marketing. You write content about topics you know and you write them how you understand it. This means that unless you make a conscious effort to avoid it, jargon is most likely going to be included in your writing.

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Being a Thought Leader is More Important Than Pumping Out Marketing Content

Posted by Kelly Kranz on August 07, 2014

The phrase “Pumping out Content” just sounds awful doesn’t it?  I picture some drab assembly line with glazed over workers producing the same content over and over again, just slapping on a new label.  Nothing about it sounds original. Now being a thought leader... that is 100% original. So while you should be ‘pumping out content’ (ugh) it needs to be mindful content. Content that serves the bigger goal of positioning you/your company as a thought leader to your audience.

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Promote Your Nonprofit & Boost Donations With These 4 Tips

Posted by Cody Goolsby on August 06, 2014

People give to charity because they care about the cause, but there is also some science behind it. Researchers at Claremont University compared giving patterns for subjects administered a nasal spray containing oxytocin, a chemical that's released by the brain during pleasurable activities like hugging and kissing, and a control group. The ones who received the oxytocin gave 80 percent more than the control subjects.

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Seduce Readers and Customers With These Blogging Tips

Posted by Kelly Kranz on August 05, 2014

Ohh the art of seduction. If you didn’t know, seduction is the process of deliberately enticing a person. Yes there are some naughty aspects to the definition as well but I’m going to keep this PG. You can entice your readers and customers with a compelling blog.  By captivating your audience you keep them coming back for more.  Much like seducing your partner, you can seduce your audience with a well written blog.  Lets take a look at some seductive blogging tips shall we?

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