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"Within weeks of them taking over my website we had quality leads coming into the sales dept. from the website. Organic traffic to our site is up over 200% in just three months. The whole process has been seamless to us. GREAT WORK!"

Michael Catalano, CEO Capitol Awning

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Fully Integrated Digital Marketing Services

Growth requires more than just driving traffic to your website. You need fully integrated digital marketing processes for converting leads and closing sales. Our team works as your partner and provides you with the talent, the technology, and the processes necessary.


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Featured Client Story



Troy Scott, VP Heavenly Greens

"If I had to sum up my experience with OverGo Studio, I would put it this way, 'They Just Get It'

In my role as a VP I live in the analytics and I don’t have time to baby sit ‘another vendor’ where I have to tell them what to do. OverGo takes the lead on all initiatives and I greatly value their competency and more important the results they deliver by providing our market with fresh value driven content.

As the market leader in our field, I understand what you can achieve using a content marketing strategy leveraging marketing automation. Prior to OverGo we where seeing favorable results in both lead and customer acquisition. However we lacked a clear Top, Middle and Bottom of the funnel content strategy. In a unique twist of fate, we had our WordPress theme hacked while OverGo was simultaneously building out a new Top Middle and Bottom of the funnel content strategy on a separate HubSpot development server.


Fortunately we had OverGo on our team. Literally overnight we went live with the new site using Hubspots' new COS (Content Optimization System). Not only did this thwart any future hacks, it sent us on a new path with our content marketing and buyers journey build out. We immediately started seeing incredible results, and more importantly we were able to engage our prospects in a multi-dimensional way, meeting our prospects at each stage of the buying cycle.

I consider Rick and his crew part of my marketing team and not just another vendor. I would highly recommend OverGo Studio as a service provider you can count on to deliver results."